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This is "Went to Tell Everybody," where I spotlighted different cool independent comic book series based on submissions from the indie comic book creators themselves via a set Q & A with the creators themselves. Essentially, the creators speak for their own work and "Went to Tell Everybody" will give them a place to do so!

This is a ostensibly an ongoing weekly feature, so if you would like to see your work spotlighted, as well, there's no time limit or anything like that. So you can submit at any time. It's not a first come/first serve thing, ya know? However, sending your comic in isn't a guarantee that I'll run a spotlight on it. I'm not gonna just promote anything on here, ya know? So if we go a while without an edition of this feature, it is because I don't have something that I'm okay with putting my name on a spotlight of it. Click here for the current submission guidelines.

Today, we look at 21st Century Man, Atabay Sarami and Kostas Pantoulas' modern horror series about an everyday man just like you or me, except that he also has become a monster that has to eat human flesh. The book is lettered by Buddy Beaudoin and colored by Julian Cruz.

You can get a copy of the book here.

What is your comic about?

21st Century Man is about an average guy named David. You (yes, you!) and he have plenty in common. You both hate long lines at the bank, you both wish that first date had been less awkward, and you both have a horrible, cannibalistic monster waiting to come out of you to feast on everyone in sight. We'll witness David's attempts to seamlessly integrate himself into our modern society, despite his inconvenient little secret, with all the expectations and baggage that naturally comes with such a task. David will discover love, he will struggle with his urges and be put to the challenge of defending those who cannot otherwise themselves, even potentially at the cost of his own true nature.

What made you choose to use the comic book medium for this story?

There is simply no greater a medium for communicating the plight of the human soul than with pictures and words.

What aspect of your comic are you most proud of?

I am most proud of assembling a team of extraordinarily talented collaborators and profoundly interesting human beings to bring this book to life. Kostas Pantoulas is the co-creator and artist of 21st Century Man. Lucas Gattoni & Buddy Beaudoin letter and Julian Cruz provides covers.

What’s the one piece of philosophy and/or advice that has informed your comic book work the most?

It's a focus on character that I circle back to when considering the motivation of every scene, action and word spoken. Even a story featuring an otherworldly concept like transforming into a cannibalistic monster still, at the end of the day, is about a guy woken up in the morning by an alarm clock. Imagine knowing that about Michael Myers.

Since this is “Went to Tell Everybody,” tell everybody about another current comic book series that you would like other people to know more about.

I really enjoyed Black [AF] - America's Sweetheart by Kwanza Osajyefo and Jennifer Johnson.

There's loads of world-building packed into a light, fast paced story. It never gets bogged down in the details as it weaves a type of narrative we don't often see.

Again, if you're interested in 21st Century Man, you can pick up a copy (and read more about the comic) here.

And of course, once again, if you're interested in seeing YOUR independent comic book spotlighted in this feature, click here for the current submission guidelines.

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