Screencrapped: 15 Superhero Photos Of 2017 We Can't Unsee

2017 was a big year for superheroes. Not only was it the debut of the first big screen adaptation of the Justice League, but it also marked the first movie starring Wonder Woman, the MCU reboot of Spider-Man, and Hugh Jackman's final outing as the Wolverine. Needless to say, there was a lot going on. Thankfully, many of these projects were excellent and will be fondly remembered throughout film and TV history. Even some of the CW superhero shows seemed to be on their A-game, with Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow both delivering fantastic seasons in the first half of the year.

Unfortunately, for all the triumphant moments in the superhero genre this year, there were others that were less than well-received. Some directors, actors, and producers made some awful decisions in their products. Looking back on 2017, it had its fair share of letdowns for the superhero-loving audience. Instead of looking back at the fond superhero memories we shared this year, we'll instead be taking a look at the ones that left bad tastes in our mouths. To better show you what we're talking about, take a look at these 15 awful superhero pictures you can't unsee from 2017. Beware: horrible images are ahead.


Marvel has been consistently churning out some good shows and movies for a while, so it was only a matter of time before they would send out a dud. That dud came out this year with Inhumans. Originally intended to be a movie in the MCU, it was changed to become a TV show that was fast-tracked into production and shot in IMAX for some reason.

Once it came out, it was clear that all of the budget with into the IMAX cameras as well as the effects for Lockjaw, because everything else looked awful. The worst of the punch has to be Medusa's hair, which is clearly a wig. The hair effects looked a bit too off to be believable, and that red is evidently fake.


Of the four CW shows that ended their respective seasons in the first half of the year, The Flash was obviously the one that didn't perform as well. Not only was the episode not as well-paced, but it featured some bizarre decisions along the way. Every speedster was brought to battle except for Jesse Quick (never explained why).

However, the biggest travesty this episode conjured was how it handled the Black Flash. After we saw how horrifying this creature was in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, it came to battle Savitar but was taken out like a punk thanks to Killer Frost's ice powers. We doubt that the Black Flash was gone for good, but for it to go out like was greatly unfitting for a zombie speedster.


Wonder Woman is easily the DCEU's best movie to date (only being rivaled by Man of Steel). Unfortunately, even it had its fair share of shortcomings that tarnish what would've been an otherwise phenomenal film. In a nutshell, the first two acts of the movie are fantastic, but once it gets going in its final few minutes, it gets significantly less interesting.

Wonder Woman kills Ludendorff thinking that he's Ares only to learn the lesson that people aren't controlled to start war, but are inherently bad. It's a powerful lesson that she learns that has weight to the audience. However, the movie throws a generic plot twist in revealing that Ares was, in fact, pulling the strings for the war and had to be taken down. Diana beats him and the war seemingly ends. The movie had a chance to be meaningful and scrapped it.


We were largely impressed with how Marvel was marketing Spider-Man: Homecoming. The poster of Spider-Man sleeping near the river and the spoof of Amazing Fantasy #15 were both fantastic, but this poster was just downright awful. At its core, the product feels like it wasn't complete and instead threw every element from the film onto one image and then shoved it to the marketing department.

There are many posters that bring together many characters onto the same image, but they're done more artistically. The Star Wars franchise is a good example of this, as their posters have all been home runs. Unfortunately, this Spider-Man: Homecoming poster ends up failing painfully amateur. The naysayers of Tom Holland's performance likely felt justified after they laid their eyes on this one.


For the most part, Ego the Living Planet was a great villain for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and almost fixes the villain problem the MCU has experienced for years. There is one significant issue we (and many others) had with the character, though. After the Guardians begin fighting him, he leaves his Kurt Russell suit to become this energy monster that sprouts tentacles around them to try and beat them.

The problem with that is the audience loses a face to hate and the conflict feels more stale as a result. The moment we figured out Ego killed Star-Lord's mother, we immediately wanted him to die. Then, his face and body were gone, and we were left with some sort of rampant energy octopus. The shot of the planet having a face was cool, but it was difficult to be invested in the battle after that.


Justice League has had several complaints since its release, but one of the biggest ones is that Steppenwolf has bad in every sense of the word. Narratively, he doesn't hold anything of consequence. He doesn't pose a serious threat. His dialogue was forgettable. Most of all, though, Steppenwolf was a horrible-looking villain. Created entirely with CGI, it's not hard to tell. No one expected it to be realistic, but Steppenwolf looked more like an old model Bethesda had lying around from Skyrim.

The poor effects of Steppenwolf can be seen especially when he talks, as his mouth movements are stiff and lifeless as well. The foundation of the CGI is there, but it has none of that extra level of polish that would make it believable. It's also worth mentioning that there was nothing interesting about his design.


Arrow season 5 was arguably the best season of the show, ending on such a bombastic finale that we were all excited to see how the show would address it when it returned. When season 6 debuted, that excitement turned into disappointment, as no one of importance to the team died in the explosion in Lian Yu.

Thea was caught in the middle of it, but she was simply placed in an unresponsive coma. Just recently, she came to and is now a part of Oliver's life once again. This end result lessens the impact of the season finale, and we're a little jaded that it all turned out okay for Team Arrow. There was such a desire to go back to the status quo that nothing serious changed for the characters other than Oliver having to take care of William.


Season 3 of The Flash showed Barry Allen dealing with the inevitable death of Iris West at the hands of Savitar. In order to find more about this new foe (who always seemed to be three steps ahead), Barry traveled to the future to learn more about what happened. It was there that he learned more about a jaded and broken Team Flash. Future Barry had practically given up the suit and became a recluse.

The big issue with how they portrayed future Barry is that he didn't look older by any stretch of the imagination. He was simply given a fake hairdo that was longer than his natural haircut. For all intents and purposes, this Barry Allen looked like a younger version that was going through a phase rather than a full-grown adult who had lost everything he cared about.


Thor: Ragnarok was a great film, dealing with the consequences of trying to bury your history as well as not trusting in who you are. After Thor and Loki were sent off to the planet Sakaar, Hela went to Asgard and took it over by force. However, the Asgardian warriors weren't going to give up without a fight. Yet, they stood no chance against the Goddess of Death.

Hela not only slaughtered all of the Asgardian soldiers, but even went head to head with the Warriors Three: Thor's old friends. However, Fandral and Volstagg were cut down before they could even respond. The only one who got a proper send off was Hogun, but without seeing Thor's reaction to it all, we never feel the impact of these fairly beloved characters finally meeting their end.


The writers of Arrow did everything they could to wash out the bitter taste left in our mouths after seasons 3 and 4. Because of this, Oliver and Felicity remained split up for the entirety of season 5, with subtle teases to how them reigniting their passion in the future. Sadly, there was one episode entirely dedicated to their connection in the season. As you might expect, it was filled with a lot of romantic fluff in the form of flashbacks.

In season 6, Oliver and Felicity have not only reconciled to continue their relationship, but have become officially married. Where this goes, we'll find out. As it stands now, their connection is being handled much better this time around, but we'll see if that lasts a while or if it'll go downhill again.


Of all the Marvel Netflix shows that were coming out in 2017, Iron Fist was the one that was most intriguing. After all, Danny Rand had a much different backstory when compared to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. Involving the mystical city of Kun L'un and a fight with the vicious dragon Shou Lao, there was a lot of excitement as to how the show would handle it.

Unfortunately, Iron Fist easily became the weakest of the Marvel Netflix shows for multiple reasons. The action wasn't as refined, and the plot was fairly drab. What's most aggravating is that Shou Lao never appears apart from a pair of red eyes. When you have a character who fights a dragon with his bare hands, it's probably a good idea to show that on television.


If Justice League problems could be summed up in one phrase, it would be "poor CGI." There are multiple instances of last-minute effects and reshoots tarnishing the visual flair of the film. One example of this how Cyborg is designed. Having to manage all kinds of gears and metal parts, the artists were definitely going for a gritty look to the character. The problem is that his effects didn't always look good, and he sometimes resembled one of Michael Bay's Transformers.

Making matters worse is that his outfit was changed at the very end of the film to look more like the Cyborg we know from the comics. If they were going to use that design, they could've gotten away with using it throughout the entire movie. Here's hoping that Ray Fisher looks a little better the next time around.


David Hasselhoff is in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 as himself. Yes, that's an actual sentence. It's already obvious that the Guardians of the Galaxy is irreverent and filled with old references to pop culture. However, the second film cranks it up to an eleven by implementing David Hasselhoff. Not only is he used as a punchline multiple times in the movie, but he was given his own musical number to coincide with the movie.

The song, "Inferno", is every bit as quirky as you might expect, reflecting in insane hyperbole what the '70s were like. We're not sure what it has to do with the MCU other than James Gunn trying to be funny and go with the style of storytelling he was aiming for.


The first MCU movie to come out in 2018 will be Black Panther. As you might expect, Marvel has already marketing the production to the general public, complete with a few trailers and posters to gaze it. That said, the first poster they released for the movie was one of the ugliest they've ever put out.

It features Chadwick Boseman in his Black Panther suit (sans the helmet) sitting on the throne of Wakanda. There's no visual direction going on with it. Furthermore, it looks as if it were poorly photoshopped to get it out quickly while ignoring quality. Thankfully, there are a bout of new posters that look much better than this one, but Marvel definitely wasn't doing themselves any favors in the long run.


Perhaps the most infamous visual effect that happened in the superhero genre during 2017 was how they handled Henry Cavill's upper lip in Justice League. The movie was already finished, but Warner Bros ordered some reshoots to try and make it a better movie. Because of this, Henry Cavill was brought back while he was shooting for another movie where he needed a mustache.

Instead of having it removed or keeping the movie as it was, Warner Bros had the effects team digitally remove Superman's mustache in his scenes. Unfortunately, the worst came true when the final cut of the film came out. There was something painfully odd about Superman's upper lip in the film. Need more proof? Just look at this picture and compare it to real photos of Henry Cavill. You won't be able to unsee it.

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