2015's Coolest Star Wars Moment Has Nothing To Do With "The Force Awakens"

2015 has had more than its fair share of awesome "Star Wars" moments -- and yes, most all of them can be seen in the trailers for "The Force Awakens." From Han saying "We're home" to Chewie to Finn firing up a blue lightsaber, plenty of moments from "Episode VII" have caused fans (and the film's cast) to freak out. But there's one moment not from "Force Awakens" that gives all of them a run for their intergalactic credits.

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The moment arrived in Marvel Comics' "Star Wars" #12, written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Stuart Immonen with Wade Von Grawbadger's inks, Justin Ponsor's colors and Chris Eliopoulos' lettering. After spending almost all of this storyarc separated on different planets and by different missions, "Star Wars'" core cast reunites on Nar Shaddaa -- a.k.a. the Smuggler's Moon -- to rescue Luke Skywalker from the clutches of Grakkus the Hutt. With their backs up against the wall, R2-D2 rolls to the rescue and launches a collection of lightsabers he stole from Grakkus' extensive collection of Jedi artifacts.

This leads to a splash page unlike anything we've ever seen in the new "Star Wars" canon -- and it's something we could only see in a comic.

Yep, that's "A New Hope"-era Leia, Han and Chewie all armed with lightsabers, ready for battle. The moment's even cooler when you realize that it's also the first time Leia, the daughter of Darth Vader, has held a lightsaber in the rebooted "Star Wars" canon. She even comments that she "always wanted to try one of these." Hopefully we'll get to see Carrie Fisher wield a lightsaber in "The Force Awakens," but if not, Stuart Immonen has done a fine job of bringing that awesomeness to life.

"Star Wars" #12 is on sale now.

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