2015 Month of African-American Comics Archive

All month long, we will be spotlighting comic book either written or drawn by African-American comic book creators (based on submissions by the creators themselves).

Here are the book featured so far...

1. Armarauders: The Last Battalion #4 by Brandon Easton and Don Figueroa

2. OneNation #1 by Jason Reeves, Alverne Ball and Luis Guerroro

3. Hass #1 by B. Alex Thompson, Federico Santagati and Russell Vincent Yu

4. New Money #1 by Hannibal Tabu, N. Steven Harris and Alejandro Sanchez

5. Swag Patrol #1 by Rubyn Warren II, Raymond Sanders and Al Stewart

6. Hero Born #1 Robert Garrett and Peter Cacho

7. “Grovers” from Disruption: An Anthology by J.N. Monk and Kelly Angel

8. Fashion Forward Books 1-3 by Shawnee and Shawnelle Gibbs and Linda Chung

9. Nowhere Man Volume 2 “Jacked Up,” Book 1 by Jerome Walford

10. Nutmeg #1 by James F. Wright and Jackie Crofts

11. The Empty #1 by Jimmie Robinson

12. Henna Hanson Must Save Prom! #1 by Rashad Doucet

13. Virgin Wolf #1 by Alverne Ball, Max Bartomucci and Adriana De Los Santos

14. Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians #1 by Victor Dandridge and Justin Castaneda

15. Shadowclub Karma #1 by Rocbottom and Germaine Webb and Henrik Hovarth

16. Wandering Vagrants Volume 1 by Marc Adona

17. Offset #1 by Delvin Howell, Tristan Roach, Jenny Chiu and Ludwig Olimba

18. Spirit Bear #0 by Tristan Roach, Nigel Lynch and Julian Moseley

19. R.R.H. #1 by Orlando Harding, Andres Esparza, Ulises Curiel and Kyle David Ritter and Steve Cobb

20. Radio Free Amerika #2 by B. Robert Bell, Robert Jeffrey II, Don Hillsman II and Lexington Wolfcraft

21. Diskordia Volume 1: Feels Like Falling by Rivenis

22. Mythallica Lux Nova Volume 1 by Mikhail Sebastian

23. The Zoo Act by Myron Macklin

24. Ajala - A Series of Adventures, Books 1-3 by Robert Garrett, N. Steven Harris and Walt Msonza Barna

25. Heroes of the World - Legend of the Earth Conduit #1 by Vincent M. Galvez, Joe Bonsu and Mark Williams

26. E.P.I.C. (Earth's Protector in Crisis) #2 by Lonnie Lowe Jr., J.C. Grande and Chuck Taylor

27. Hardears #1 by Nigel Lynch and Matthew Clarke

28. Eating Vampires #1 by Regine Sawyer and Delia Gable

Agents of Atlas #5

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