2014 Top 50 Comic Book Artists #10-7

Here are the next four artists that you voted as your favorites of all-time (out of roughly 1,040 ballots cast, with 10 points for first place votes, 9 points for second place votes, etc.).

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10. Frank Miller - 1109 points (7 first place votes)

Frank Miller broke in at Marvel doing a few different fill-in comics before becoming the regular artist on Daredevil, working with the amazing inker Klaus Janson. Miller revitalized the comic with his dynamic and daring artistic design work. By the end of the series, Miller was only doing layouts/breakdowns and Janson was doing the rest of the artwork.

Miller left Daredevil in the early 1980s and next did a creator-owned series for DC called Ronin, which debuted a slightly more abstract art style, which he carried over to the best-selling and epic Batman: The Dark Knight mini-series (once again working with Janson)

During the 1990s, he drew Sin City for Dark Horse, where he used a new artistic style, inspired by Will Eisner and the usage of shadows and light...

Really powerful stuff.

That's more or less been his art style ever since, although he hasn't drawn a lot of comics in the past few years.

9. Alex Ross - 1159 points (33 first place votes)

After doing a little work for independent companies, Alex Ross became a more or less instant star with his work on the 1993 mini-series Marvels, with Kurt Busiek, and it is no surprise, as his work on the series is just astonishing in its power...

Ross managed to do something that very few painted artists are able to do - he was able to maintain fluidity in his characters. That lack of stiffness is what manages to transform photo-like depictions of heroes (which a goodly amount of painters can do) to practically living, breathing superheroes (which very few painters can do).

Ross followed up Marvel with Kingdom Come, which might have TOPPED Marvels with its depiction of DC in the future. This showed off Ross' brilliant sense of design, which carried over to Earth X, a similar comic for Marvel.

Ross did a number of over-sized one-shots for DC Comics spotlighting Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman.

On the series Justice, Ross came up with the idea of him painting another artist's pencils, which worked well. Ross has been mostly doing covers in the last few years, but even there, he has managed to have a significant impact as his covers are typically excellent.

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