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2012 Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo Photo Parade, Part 2

by  in Comic News Comment
2012 Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo Photo Parade, Part 2

Last weekend, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo took over the Los Angeles Convention Center, and as expected, the fans turned out for a weekend of panels, presentations and, of course, cosplay. Yesterday, we brought you our first gallery of the amazing, impressive and sometimes frankly baffling costumes, and today CBR presents the 2012 Comikaze Photo Parade, Part Deux — photos by Caitlin Holland, commentary and gentle ribbing courtesy of CBR Executive Producer, Jonah “Brony Life 4 Life'” Weiland!

Sexy Riddler and…what the hell is that? No convention is complete without a dude with a big sword.
Yeah, I may have a giant trash can on my head, but check out the size of my sword! Yeah, who’s talking now, bitches? Son Goku
MORTAL KOMMBATTTTTT! Cyke and Namor display their AvX spoils
Peaches Christ Elvira!
Lady Freddy and Friend! I don’t know, but WANT!
I don’t know, but STOP! I don’t know, but TRON outfits that don’t light up just don’t work.
Random costumes, or what everyone looks like in Hollywod on a Saturday night. Pretty sweet Doc Oc.
Minecraft cosplay Evil?
Lovely Penguin cosplay – like! Jawa to Wall-E: “I am going to sell the crap out of you!”
C. Martin Croker (Creator of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Voice Actor for Zorak, Moltar, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) Cross-dressing Birds of Prey or a guy who seriously needs some mouth wash. We’re not sure which.
Not a clue – the man has a chicken on his head and a sword. That’s like every other Japanese anime, isn’t it? Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee
Not a freaking clue! OK, obviously some video game, but I don’t know which one. Great costume, though.
First time I’ve seen this – Stan Lee cosplay! LOVE IT! Brony’s, start your engines — I’m told it’s Soarin from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”
Dude with armor. Seriously, that’s who he is. fading body paint Hulk.
I dunno. Let’s just move on, OK? Fantastic Phoenix & Rogue —
Steampunk X-Men – fantastic! Adventure Time!!
More! Adventure Time! More, more adven…wait, no, just a chick eating a dude’s heart.
Legend. Excellent Rogue, Gambit and Kitty Pryde
If I saw her in an alley, I’d run like a mutha! Patriotism rules!
Doc Strange! Shebacca?
Not sure, but freaking me out! Stuff of nightmares, sheesh.
Cmon, you said it would be my turn to be the body paint fixing dude! Steampunk Crossgender Cable
Darkwing Duck Hunger Games
What If…Scott Baio played Namor in the ’80s? Crossgender Game of Thrones cosplay
Wonder Woman (Kit Quinn) MCs the weekend’s costume contest Power Girl (Tallest Silver) co-hosts with Quinn. You can almost never go wrong with a Power Girl costume. Great!
One of the Gruesomes from the Flintstones Steampunk Storm
Adventure Time’s Flame Princess Spartan 2 unmasked

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