2011 Top Marvel Characters #4

After nearly 1,400 ballots were cast, YOU the reader ranked your favorite comic book characters of all-time from 1-10. I assigned point totals to each ranking and then tabulated it all into a Top 50 list. We're now revealing that list throughout September. Here is the master list of all the characters revealed so far. The countdown continues...

4. Wolverine – 2728 points (54 first place votes)

Created by Len Wein, John Romita and Herb Trimpe, Wolverine was originally a foe for the Hulk. But when Wein was tasked with created a new group of international X-Men, he quickly thought about Wolverine, who was Canadian.

He joined the X-Men, but it was not until fellow Canadian, John Byrne, took over as X-Men artist that Wolverine began to shine.

Eventually, his personality would begin to be flushed out. Wolverine was a man prone to berserker rages, but he also had a noble warrior side to him. His mutant healing powers served him well in battle, along with the nigh unbreakable metal skeleton he had (complete with claws!).

Wolverine served with the X-Men for many years, and eventually became a member of the Avengers, as well!!

Recently, Wolverine has grown disillusioned with the way that Cyclops has been handling the younger members of the X-Men (Wolverine has always had a soft spot for younger mutants, as he had a few different young sidekicks, of sorts, over the years). So soon he will be splitting off to form his OWN group of X-Men.

Meanwhile, Wolverine is going through some torment in his ongoing series by the great Jason Aaron. A mysterious group seeking revenge on Wolverine for murdering people close to them set a trap for Wolverine and caused him to kill a number of their footsoldiers to get to them. Once he arrived, they had all killed themselves (okay, almost all) but had left him a message. The foot soldiers he had killed? They were all children of his that he didn't know about. Holy Eric Cartman! Right, people? Awesomely messed up. So Wolverine is dealing with some stuff over in that book (he also has a new "normal" girlfriend that is interesting to see him interact with).

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