2010: A Strong Year For Fact-Based Screenplays

2010's Black List - The best as-yet unproduced screenplays as judged by industry insiders each year - has been released and, judging by the two top contenders, maybe The Social Network has had an effect on what people like in a screenplay from now on.

The top two films on this year's list are both docudramas - College Republicans, focusing on a young Karl Rove, and Jackie, about Jackie Kennedy's struggle in the days immediately following her husband's death - with another fact-based drama, Margin Call (about the final days of the Lehmann Brothers investment bank), appearing further down the list. There are some other surprises elsewhere, including an appearance by the first screenplay by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller (Stoker) and Dante Harper's adaptation of Viz Manga novel All You Need Is Kill. Other adaptations on the list include Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Billy Ray's version of the first Hunger Games book. You can find the full list here.

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