2007 Eagle Award winners announced

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THIS year was a record-breaking one for the Eagle Awards with well over 12,000 voters participating. Continuing to expand their worldwide penetration, the 2008 awards took on even more of an international flavour. Apart from Britain, the USA and Canada, ballots flooded in from more than 100 countries. Among them were several in Europe as well as Afghanistan, Botswana, Egypt, India, North Korea, Russia, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam and Zimbabwe to name but a few.

As in previous years, voting in many categories was very tight with nominees running neck and neck. In some instances, the race for the top spot was only decided by the final few votes cast; in one case there were only 5 votes in it while, in another category, the winner came out ahead by just 23 votes.

A highlight of the Bristol International Comic Expo , the Eagle Awards results for 2007 were announced at a presentation and dinner held at The Ramada Plaza Hotel, Bristol on Saturday, May 10 2008.

A complete list of winners follows:

Roll of Honour - Mike Mignola

Favourite Newcomer Writer - Matt Fraction

Favourite Newcomer Artist - David Aja

Favourite Comics Writer - Alan Moore

Favourite Comics Writer/Artist - Alan Davis

Favourite Comics Artist: Pencils - Frank Cho

Favourite Comics Artist: Inks - D'Israeli (Matt Brooker)

Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork - Alex Ross

Favourite Colourist - Laura Martin

Favourite Letterer - Dave Gibbons

Favourite Editor - Tharg (Matt Smith)

Favourite Publisher - Marvel

Favourite Colour Comicbook: American -Hellboy: Darkness Calls

Favourite Colour Comicbook: British - Spectacular Spider-Man

Favourite Black and White Comicbook: American -The Walking Dead

Favourite Black and White Comicbook: British - How to Date a Girl in 10 Days

Favourite New Comicbook - Thor

Favourite Manga - Death Note

Favourite European Comics - Requiem, Vampire Knight

Favourite Comics Story published during 2007 -

Captain America 25-30: Death of Captain America

Favourite Comics Cover published during 2007 - World War Hulk 1A (David Finch)

Favourite Original Graphic Novel - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier

Favourite Reprint Compilation - Absolute Sandman volume 2

Favourite Comics Hero - Batman

Favourite Comics Villain - The Joker

Favourite Magazine About Comics - Wizard

Favourite Comics-Related Book -

Our Gods wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes

Favourite Comics-Based Movie Or TV - 300

Favourite Comics Related Website - Marvel.com

Favourite Web-Based Comic - The Order of the Stick

For further information/interviews, please contact Cassandra Conroy at: eagleaward@btconnect.com

Nominating forms for next year's Eagle Awards will be ready for publication early January. Magazines wishing to run the forms and websites wanting to host links are invited to contact Cassandra Conroy at: eagleawards@btconnect.com

High resolution versions of the Eagle Awards logo are available as are photos of the impressive Eagle Awards statues, which are finished in cut glass. Send requests stating format, resolution and size required to: eagleawards@btconnect.com


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Introduced in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industry's longest established awards. Acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, they have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 32 years ranging from Uncanny X-Men and Swamp Thing to MAD and 2000 AD.

Unique in the comics industry in that they reflect both the professional and the reader's choice, the Eagle Awards comprise of two distinct stages:

(i) A Nominations Form allows the entire comics community to choose their favourites.

(ii) The top five nominations then appear on the voting form for the readers and fans to choose from, thus focusing the fans with no wasted votes.

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