'2000AD' goes DRM-free

The British sci-fi anthology 2000AD was one of the first publishers to offer digital comics, and it ofers readers a choice: They can buy single issues and graphic novels within their iOS and Android apps or as direct downloads from their web store.

The advantage to the latter has always been that direct downloads are free of digital rights management (DRM) — they are simply files that can be freely moved from device to device — while comics purchased within the apps can only be read within the apps. Each way of buying comics has its advantages; the apps allow the user to store comics in the cloud and keep them organized in a single place on their tablet or computer, while PDF and CBZ files come with no strings attached.

Now readers can have it both ways, as 2000AD announced it will offer DRM-free copies of all comics and graphic novels purchased in an app at no additional charge. That's similar to comiXology's system of DRM-free backups, and it's all made possible by a new Rebellion ID, which sets up a single account that syncs across all platforms.

And by all platforms, they mean Kindle and Windows apps as well, although those have yet to be launched. As always, the folks at 2000AD are thinking about the future.

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