2000 AD September 2011 Pack #1750-1753

Story by
Art by
John Burns, Edmund Bagwell
Letters by
Simon Bowland, Annie Parkhouse
Cover by

Award-winning SF action from the UK's massively influential anthology comic! Prog 1750 marks the start of a stunning line-up of new stories from a raft of talented writers and artists - interdimensional explorers and troubleshooters Indigo Prime are back in a cosmic adventure across the multiverse, courtesy of John Smith and Edmund Bagwell; undercover Judge Dirty Frank heads east to Hondo City to track down Aimee Nixon in Low Life: The Deal by Rob Williams and D'Israeli; paranormal detective Ampney Crucis finds himself held prisoner in Siberia, but all is not as it seems in 'The English Assassin' by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis; and Maggie Roth thought she'd escaped the Whiteraven corporation and its sinister experiments but her past is coming back to haunt her in 'Angel Zero' by Kek-W and John Burns. Plus the Day of Chaos is approaching in Judge Dredd by John Wagner and Henry Flint!

grey hulk immortal joe fixit
Mr. Fixit: The Most Dangerous Hulk Isn't Savage or a Devil - It's JOE

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