2000 AD Prog #2003

In this issue: Judge Dredd: Get Sin by Rob Williams (w), Trevor Hairsine (a), Dylan Teague (i/c), Annie Parkhouse (l); Savage: The Marze Murderer by Pat Mills (w), Patrick Goddard (a), Annie Parkhouse (l); Hunted by Gordon Rennie (w), PJ Holden (a), Len O'Grady (c), Simon Bowland (l); Counterfeit Girl by Peter Milligan (w), Rufus Dayglo 9a), Dom Regan (c), Ellie De Ville (l); Flesh: Gorehead by Pat Mills (w), Clint Langley (a), Ellie De Ville (l). 2000 AD Prog 2003 is available from all good stockists and digitally from 2000 AD’s webshop and apps!

Marvel's 2099 Event Foreshadows the Future God of Thunder's Arrival

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