2000 AD April 2011 Pack #1728-1731

Story by
Art by
Bryan Talbot
Colors by
Alwyn Talbot
Letters by
Annie Parkhouse
Cover by

Responsible for launching some of the world's biggest comics writers and artists, 2000 AD is the UK's massively influential SF anthology title. There's murder most foul in the Museum of the Twentieth Century and just one man knows the truth in Judge Dredd: 'What the Hitler Saw' by Al Ewing and Leigh Gallagher, plus there's a moving tale of life in Mega-City One in 'Caterpillars' by Mike Carroll and Bryan Talbot, and the start of an action-packed mission to the ruins of Mega-City Two in 'California Babylon' by Mike Carroll and Ben Willsher; only ancient gods can help mankind from the Devil's dark designs in a new Red Seas series, 'Gods and Monsters', by Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell; the terrifying T-Rex Gorehead continues to claim victims in Flesh: 'Texas' by Pat Mills and James Mckay; spectral detective Dr Spartacus Dandridge has a possessed house on his hands in Dandridge: 'The House That Dripped Devilry!' by Alec Worley and Jon Davis-Hunt; and Russian revolutionary Nikolai Dante returns in a special recap episode by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser, paving the way for the forthcoming series climax!

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