2000 AD #1927

New readers start here! Jump on board with one of comics' creative powerhouses - Prog 1927 sees the fourth episodes in the brand-new line-up of stunning stories! Will Nixon and Sinfield do a deal with the devil in Enceladus: New Life by Rob Williams and Henry Flint; Johnny Alpha finds himself outnumbered but is he outgunned in Strontium Dog: The Stix Fix Job by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra; Celtic barbarian Sláine battles against the Drune Lords in the second book of The Brutania Chronicles, Primordial, by Pat Mills and Simon Davis; the Russian assassin Orlok continues his new mission in The Rasputin Caper by Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch; and things get brutal on the other side of the line in Grey Area: Another Day On The Job by Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison. 2000 AD is available in print worldwide via Diamond Distribution and all good UK newsagents and comic book stores, as well as DRM-free digital from www.2000ADonline.com and through the 2000 AD iPad and Android apps.

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The Flash Just Defeated DC's 'Avengers' and 'X-Men' - All By Himself

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