2000 AD #1923

It's the final countdown! All our Thrills reach their epic climaxes this week as we prepare for Prog 1924's 'jumping on' issue for new and lapsed readers! Sharknado? Pah! Dredd takes on some REAL sharks in a special one-off story by Alec Worley and Carl Critchlow. Meanwhile, will a change be as good as a rest for Savage: Grinders by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard? Have you seen enough Survival Geeks: Steampunk'd by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, Neil Googe to know where this is going? And who's in charge in Gary Caldwell; and Tharg's 3riller: 1% by Eddie Robson and INJ Culbard? Plus a new one-off Twisted Tale by Bob Byrne! Welcome to your future Earthlets, welcome to 2000 AD - available in print worldwide and day-and-date DRM-free digital through the 2000 AD webshop or our iPad and Android apps!

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