2000 AD #1912

Things hot up in Judge Dredd: Dark Justice by John Wagner and Greg Staples as the lawman's most feared enemies, the Dark Judges, make their terrifying reappearance. Plus Bill Savage is back on the frontline fighting the Volgs in Grinders by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard; Kek-W and John Burns continue their brand-new SF/fantasy saga The Order; the psychotic Ulysses Sweet is a wanted man in "Psycho Therapist" by Guy Adams and Paul Marshall; and Arthur Wyatt and Jake Lynch bring Sov assassin Orlok back for a brand new mission! Welcome to your future Earthlets, welcome to 2000 AD - available in print worldwide day-and-date DRM-free digital through the 2000 AD webshop or the 2000 AD iPad app!

Darwyn Cooke Shortlisted to Have Toronto Street Named After Him

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