2000 AD #1823

Splice the mainsail! Hard to port! Red Seas sails into the sunset this week with a special double-length finale episode. Join Captain Jack Dancer and his crew as Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell's pirate series bids farwell to 2000 AD with Prog 1823 - on sale this Wednesday in UK stores and worldwide online!

Also in this Prog: Pucker up, Dredd - the lawman investigates an outbreak of lip-shaped homicide in Black Kisses by TC Eglinton and Karl Richardson. This battle may be finished but the war is far from over in the concluding episode of Savage: Rise Like Lions by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard. And Cuba in 2002 is a very different place than we know now, but is reality all it's cracked up to be in Past Imperfect: Rocket de la Revolucion by Montynero, Simon Fraser and Gary Caldwell. Prog 1824 is on sale in UK stores and digitally through the 2000 AD app and online store this Wednesday!

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