2000 AD #1821

Happy birthday 2000 AD! The Galaxy's Greatest Comic celebrates 36 years of Thrill-power with a presidential cover by industry legend Brian Bolland! Forget Daniel Day Lewis winning an Oscar for Lincoln, Judge Joseph Dredd is in the hot seat as tensions boil over in the aftermath of the Day of Chaos and citizens turn their frustrations on Sov immigrants.

Also this issue: the cavalry is coming in Red Seas: Fire Across The Deep by Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell, is the solidarity of the resistance crumbling in Savage: Rise Like Lions by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard, the Baggagists strike back in Ampney Crucis: The Entropy Tango by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis, and is the end nigh for the mutant cause in Johnny Alpha in Strontium Dog: Mutant Spring.

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