2000 AD #1819

He's known for his monster-mashing work on BPRD and barbarian brutality on Conan, and now artist James Harren comes to 2000 AD with a mind-warping one-shot written by Rob Williams. Judge Dredd is called to Psi Division, the Justice department section of psychics, empaths and pre-cogs, as a catatonic cadet sits and repeats a single word: DREDD. But what horrors lurk in this cadet's mind, and can Dredd figure out how to stop it destroying Mega-City One?

Also this issue: will the Captain give the Devil his due in Red Seas: Fire Across The Deep by Ian Edginton and Steve Yeowell, the cavalry that Bill is waiting for might not be all it's cracked up to be in Savage: Rise Like Lions by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard, the plot thickens in Ampney Crucis: The Entropy Tango by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis, and Johnny Alpha makes the mutant cause broadcast news in Johnny Alpha in Strontium Dog: Mutant Spring.

Prog 1819 is on sale in UK stores and digitally through the 2000 AD app and online store this Wednesday!

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