20 Tax Day Questions, Slightly Late: Kurtzman, Kirby, Buffy and two questions for foreigners.

Same drill as last time. Cronin used to do these asking current, up to the minute questions about comics he bought in a given week. I don't buy as many comics except when I've got a HUGE pile from the three for a buck box.

(P. S. If you're ever in Battle Creek Michigan, the only comic shop in town has, like, 50 short-boxes of 31 cent comics. I got, like, 16 issues of Icon, 9 issues of the Question, a bunch of Hawk and Dove, 3 issues of Alter Ego... All sortsa stuff. It's like cheap-ass comic nerd Mecca.)

So my questions are a little more... random. But I WILL start with one about the one book I did get this week:

1) Any of you have any background on Alias the Cat? Is ANY of it true? Were Deitch and his wife prepared to pony up a thousand bucks? Like, I totally believed it was a Gospel Truth autobiographical comic after the first issue, but then it... well, pretty clearly wasn't, with the talking Cat and all. RIGHT?

2) Also got Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book outta the library. Has there ever been a comic character with a better name that Thelonious Violence, Private Eye?

3) This one's for Non-Americans: What's your favorite comic that isn't available outside your home region?

4) ALSO for Non-Americans: What's the availability of Non-Marvel/DC comics where you live? Can you get stuff from Image? Fantagraphics?

5) Buffy is by far my favorite of Joss Whedon's comic work. (Espeically Tales of the Slayers.) Ditto the Clerks comics an' Kevin Smith. Is this indicative a universal truth? Can you think of a situation where a creator transported his creations to comics, actually wrote or drew the comics themselves, and it sucked? Or do creators comin' from other media ALWAYS do the best work on their own properties?

6) Hey, speakin' of Buffy. I've heard rumors that there's gonna be an Angel Season Six and a Star Trek Old School Season.... 4? (maybe?) in comics form. What OTHER TV shows that have ended should be reincarnated in comics form for a new season?

7) Sandman Question: Was Dream's death suicide?

8) I just claimed in a comment that I don't care about delays. TOTAL LIE! Has anyone heard about what's up with Ultimate Kung-Fu? I'm goin' through freakin' withdrawls, man! I got the shakes and everything!

9) I've heard that some of you are... unhappy with Jeph Loeb being named the new Ultimates writer? Who's your FEASIBLE pick for dream creative team? (Feasible = Nobody dead, nobody who won't do it for a million bucks. No Alan Moore, No R. Crumb.)

10) I've seen in four times. Bought the script book and the sound-track. And I still can't tell. Was the Ghost World Movie any good? I loved the comic so much that I can't think critically about it.

11) Boys Ranch is still out of print because God HATES me. Name me some other major works by historically important cartoonists that are unavailable at present.

12) Do you think Denny O 'Neil's version of the question or the current lesbian version of the Question were disrespectful to Steve Ditko 'an his creation? If yes: Should this have deterred the creators from working with the character?

13) I'm curious: If you had to choose and you were a straight male; Betty or Veronica?

14) If you had to choose and you were the Scarlet Witch: Vision, Wonder Man, or Hawkeye?

15) Who wins in a fight: The Velvet Marauder or Solomon Stone?

16) What comic should be made into a rock opera?

17) What's your favorite period of Jack Kirby's work? With Stan in the sixties? Old school Simon and Kirby Sandman an' Captain America from the forties? Captain Victory from the eighties?

18) Who's your favorite super-villain that's debuted in the last five years?

19) If you were the guest-writer for the Goon, what would the premise of your story be? Who (other'n Powell) would you want to draw it?

20) Why superheroes? I mean, why is the comic mainstream currently dominated by capes and tights instead of, say, Westerns or Pirate Comics?

21) Bonus! GAFKACK! I had a great Scott Pilgrim-related question and I forgot it. What would be a good Scott Pilgrim-related question for next time?

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