20 Questions - The Return!

Remember this schtick? Well, it's back!! It's all because of question #6, which I couldn't figure out how to work into a blog entry, until I remembered this bit! For those of you who don't know this bit, there may be some spoilers mixed in here and some of the questions may very well be rhetorical!

Otherwise, enjoy!

1. How awesome was David Lapham's twist on the "he doesn't mean to do it" routine in Giant-Size Wolverine #1?

2. Is the "two-page spread of the Hellicarrier" in some contract all artists have to sign before they draw a comic with SHIELD in it?

3. Does the non-linear storytelling help Manifest Eternity at ALL?

4. Let's say you were forced to put some limitations on Dr. Strange's powers - what would you come up with?

5. So wait, Bloato might be alive AGAIN? You seriously can't bring a character back twice in less than two years - can you?

6. How funny was it that, in his first issue writing Nightwing, Marv Wolfman had Nightwing lose a fight? I know T was loving it!

7. Do you think Dwayne McDuffie will make Reed Richards seem reasonable?

8. How does a comic as silly as Hunter/Killer have such an excellent underlying concept?

9. Is there a rider that there has to be at least one gay superhero in every Winick book? Oh wait, he actually avoided that with Conner, BARELY.

10. Did you think there was a drop off from Jim Starlin to Ron Marz on Silver Surfer?

11. Do you remember the story in Winter Men at all?

12. What do you do with a comic when you DON'T recall what happened in the previous issue? Re-read the previous issues first, or just try to pick it up as you go?

13. How cool was the cover to 52 #22? Who do you think came up with "Magnus: Robot Hunted!"?

14. What was Kevin West doing for the past decade or so before returning to comics for Nightmare on Elm Street, of all comics?

15. Am I the only one who thought the second arc on Planet Hulk was a LOT lamer than the first?


16. Who would win in a fight? Iron Man or X-O Manowar?

17. Who is a better reporter? Iris West or Linda Park?

18. Eddy Barrows or John Byrne? Who do you like better on the Atom?

19. Who's your favorite of the Demons Three?

20. who does Lex Luthor hate more - Perry White or Clark Kent?

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