20 Questions For You All For the 12/13 Comic Week!

This time around, MarkAndrew is joining with me to ask some questions for you all!

There may be some spoilers mixed in here and some of the questions may very well be rhetorical!

Otherwise, enjoy!


1. Is Big Barda in the Birds of Prey, being written as a serious character? If so, what the fuck?

2. What was your favorite and least favorite story from the Years Best Comics 2006 anthology?

3. D'you think that Onion Jack, the only superhero story to make it in the book, is competitive in quality with the best superhero stories in comics last year?

4. Of the four Avengers Books Currently Being Published (New Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Marvel Adventures: Avengers, Ultimates) which team is your favorite?

5. What's your favorite issue of Acme Novelty Library, based on book design?

6. Which Harvey character is most due for a comeback?

7. What's your favorite Non-Marvel work by Steve Ditko?

8. Which Marvel Essential is hurt most by the lack of color? Which de-colorized Essential looks the coolest?

9. What do you think of Fantagraphics' Ignatz format books? Is the size and cool binding worth the extra cost?

10. Cheryl Blossom? Yea or nay?


1. The "mystery" villain in Justice League of America, do you think Meltzer actually intended it to be a mystery, or was that just Wizard hype?

2. Anyone else amazed by how readable the latest 52 was? I have decided, surprisingly, to give Morrison the credit.

3. Is it just me, or was the Escapists oddly paced?

4. 10 years from now, how hilarious will the Spider-Totem stuff seem? I think the Iron Spidey stuff is no different from, like, Captain Universe Spider-Man, but the Spider-Totem stuff? Lordy.

5. What current storyline do you think will be the FUNNIEST, looking back at it, ten years from now?

6. Did you know that Battle Pope actually eventually gets pretty good?

7. Is Dick Grayson still officially adopted by Bruce Wayne in current DC continuity?

8. How is Sonic X different from the regular Sonic the Hedgehog comic book?

9. Who is your favorite Omega Man?

10. Were you able to get past the art in Wonder Man #1?

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