20 Questions For You All For the 11/1 Comic Week!

There may be some spoilers mixed in here and some of the questions may very well be rhetorical!

Otherwise, enjoy!

1. Do you think Stephanie Brown (the female Robin) should have a showcase in the Bat Cave?

2. Who is the greatest Star Wars character to be created in the comic books?

3. The way that super smart kid in Incredible Hulk #100 made Reed Richards look so bad, wouldn't you almost think the character was created by the writer of the story?

4. Will Iron Man survive Civil War?

5. Didn't Seth already remove Midnighter's other heart?

6. So wait, Manifest Eternity isn't going to have an ending? What's up with THAT?

7. Would Phoenix: Warsong be better off just using stick figures?

8. Did you read the info posted on the pages in the Nightly News before or after you read the story part of the pages?

9. Isn't it kind of silly to open up Avengers Next #1 tying in with current events in Spider-Girl? When the mini-series is collected, it's not going to age well for the story, I think.

10. How bizarrely ugly is Katana's new costume?

11. How well do you think Dwayne McDuffie is handling Hank Pym and the Wasp in Beyond!?

12. Isn't it awfully weird that Jennifer Walters is a therapist in Fantastic Four: The End?

13. Wouldn't it be hilariously awesome if Spider-Man went to the black costume after Civil War and convinced everyone he was a different person now under the mask?

14. Do you like Vulcan in Uncanny X-Men?

15. What is a better name for Nightwing's grappling hook system than "the winger"?

16. Should the table from Justice League of America get a spin-off? It's been featured so prominently in three issues so far.

17. Who is your least favorite of the Inhuman royal family?

18. Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness - good news or great news?

19. Tad Williams on Aquaman - good news or bad news?

20. Jamal Igle on Nightwing - good news or bad news?

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