20 Questions for the New Year.

1. The Cute-Memoir genre, consisting of folks like James Kolchalka and Gabrielle Bell and Jeffery Brown when he's not being all emo or all INSANE like that last issue of Mome needs a name. What should we call the un-tragic, fun comics memoirs?

2. Speaking of which, who's your favorite MOME artist?

3. What's your favorite comics work by Gerry Conway, not counting the Death of Gwen Stacy?

4. Which is awesomer: Frank Quietly's awesome Krypto or Jae Lee's awesome AWESOME Lockjaw?

5. Who's your favorite character from Ernie Pook's Comeek?

6. What's your favorite licensed book from Marvel?  Come on, Strawberry Shortcake fans.  Let's here from you!

7. Which BIG villain should be stuck on the New Thunderbolts?

8. Who's your favorite Archie supporting character, outside of the core group of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie?

9. Just read Batman: Year 100, which was indeed dag cool. What other fictional character do you wanna see Paul Pope draw.

10. Which musical act that has NEVER had their own comic SHOULD have their own comic? (P.S. I really want to write Nine Rings of the Wu-Tang. And also: Britney Spears: Magic Galactic Defense Princess11. Before we begin: Nobody loves Chynna Clugston Major more than me. But did Queen Bee... um... kind of suck? Or am I just not the target audience?

12. What's your favorite Pirate or Pirate related comic?

13. So I've got a full collection of Ambush Bug appearances except for his first appearance in DC Comics Presents and his guest spot in Supergirl. Am I missing anything?

14. Who would you like to see draw a story for Sandman: Endless Nights Two. (Which I just made up.)

15. Challenge: We've had holographic covers, die-cut covers, color form covers. Invent a cool cover gimmick that hasn't been used yet?

16. Would anyone out here but me buy The Golden Age Alfred archives?

17. What long run of comics should be collected in an omnibus, ala Locas or Morison's New X-men?

18. What's your favorite self-published or micro-independent comic by a local creator?

19. In tribute to Jog: What's your least favorite work by Alan Moore?

20. Which two Marvel/DC/Image characters that have never been featured together should be teamed-up in a single book, ala Superman/Batman or Power-Man and Iron Fist?

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