2 CrossGen titles gain new artists

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Think nothing ever changes on CrossGen titles? Think again! While it's truethat our art teams strive to reward fans by delivering long continued runson their books, sometimes new creators join the mix to bring a fresh feel toongoing series. In fact, this week sees new pencilers jump onboard both CRUXand THE CROSSOVERS!

First, Sergio Cariello, who previously teamed with writer Chuck Dixon onBatman/Wildcat and Catwoman/Wildcat, unites with Chuck again on CRUX #28!Kicking off a new story-arc for this apocalyptic sci-fi series, this issueopens with Atlantis under attack by the largest Negation force ever! There'sonly one chance to save the legendary city, but it's a risky experiment thatmay change Earth forever!

<<28CRcover.jpg>> <<28CR01.jpg>> <<28CR0203.jpg>> Next, veteran artist Joe Staton (E-Man) helps launch a new story-arc in THECROSSOVERS #7! In chapter 1 of the three-part "Cross Your Hearts," the Greekgoddess of discord pays a visit to Crosstown--and no one's love life issafe! Can a modern family survive the rigors of 4 genres and only 1bathroom? Find out as a new story begins!

<<07CVcover.jpg>> <<07CV01.jpg>> <<07CV02.jpg>> Your Connection @ CrossGen,

Bill Rosemann

Director of Marketing & Communications

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