"2 Broke Girls" Star Beth Behrs Makes Comics Debut with Apocalyptic "Dents"

Beth Behrs is best known as the co-lead on hit CBS comedy "2 Broke Girls," playing heiress-turned-waitress Caroline Channing. She's now made her comic book writing debut with the digital comics series "Dents," which debuted exclusively on the LINE Webtoon platform this past weekend. "Dents" is co-created and co-written by Behrs and her best friend, fellow actor Matt Doyle, and illustrated by "Dream Police" artist Sid Kotian.

The series, which will see new installments released on LINE each Friday, is a Young Adult story set in the apocalyptic world of the year 2111, where global warming has melted the polar ice caps, leading to a plague cutting the world's population in half. According to the official description, "After a vaccination is developed, there is a massive increase in the birth of identical twins possessing extraordinary powers" -- these twins are dubbed "Dents," and their powers lead to them being targeted for execution.

"Dents" follows the journey of 14-year-old Eleanor, who discovers she's a Dent and was separated from her twin sister at birth. She then joins a secret society comprised of other Dents, looking to survive as she explores her newfound powers.

CBR News recently spoke with Behrs, who shared her thoughts on stepping into the comics world, why she chose LINE Webtoon and why global warming was an important issue for her to explore with "Dents."

CBR News: What can you share about how "Dents" took shape? What Young Adult fiction inspired the story?

Beth Behrs: Matt had a dream that he told me about years ago over a glass of wine that involved twins and superpowers. Then we started growing the idea together. We knew we wanted a strong, nuanced female protagonist and we also knew we wanted to make global warming a part of it as well.

What was it like collaborating with your best friend, Matt Doyle?

It's amazing. We grew up doing musicals together, but to be able to tell a story as writers together, not acting and singing, has brought us even closer together. At heart, we both love storytelling. And this is our baby -- we get to tell our story, the way to see it in our minds and have it executed visually by our insanely talented artist.

Why was comics the right medium for "Dents"? And why was the LINE Webtoon platform the right place to release this story?

Matt always wanted the story to be a comic. It's a medium he always wanted to explore. We found LINE Webtoon's platform really exciting. The site is a massive success in Korea and we are so thrilled to be a part of the early stages of the site's American release.

The fact that the content is so accessible, beautifully laid out, and free to download was extremely attractive to us. We wanted to be on the forefront of something we think will be huge here as well.

Global Warming is an important real-life topic -- how did it become the basis of the 2111 apocalypse in "Dents"?

Being outdoors is like church for me. It is something extremely important in my life. I consider nature a sanctuary that nurtures and makes us who we are -- and we are destroying it. I am very passionate about not only saving our environment, as is Matt, but also engaging in more conversations about the effects of global warming and steps we can all take to lessen its impact on our planet. "Dents" is an opportunity to engage in conversation about this global issue in an inviting, narrative way.

Is Eleanor a reluctant hero, or is she driven to find her twin and unleash her powers?

She is driven to find her sister and unleash her power. We want this to be a story about embracing what makes you different. That what others may hate or be afraid of is actually something very special and very powerful. That being said, she is still young and flawed. She grows a great deal on this journey.

What themes and values are you hoping readers will explore through this book?

Acceptance, identity, equality, passion to affect change.

"Dents" is out now on LINE Webtoon, with new installments published each Friday. Issue #1 available now.

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