1st Annual Shuster Award Results

Official Press Release

The 1st annual Shuster Awards were presented at the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon on Saturday April 30th. Hosted by Rick Green and Rob Salem, the event was attended by many of Canada's best and brightest talents.

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Publisher

Was awarded to Arcana Studio publisher of Ant, Kade, Ezra, and 100 Girls.

Outstanding Canadian Achievement Related to Comic Books

Was awarded to Dave Sim and Gerhard for completing the landmark run of Cerebus, the longest running creator owned & published comic book series.

Outstanding Canadian Retailer Award

Was awarded to Harry Kremer, the late owner of Kitchner's Now and Then Books. This award will be renamed the Harry Kremer Canadian Retailer Recognition Award in future years.

Outstanding Canadain Comic Book Writer

A tie was declared and awards were given to Ty Templeton for his work on Batman Adventures, and Samm Barnes for her work on Doctor Spectrum.

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Artist

Awarded to Kaare Andrews for his work on Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One.

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist

Awarded to Darwyn Cooke for his work on DC: The New Frontier.

In addition to the six category winners the inagural six Hall of Fame inductees were also presented with their awards.

The six hall of fame awards went to:

Joe Shuster the creator of Superman, and in many ways the inspiration for all who followed him.

Leo Bachle a.k.a. Les Barker, creator of Johnny Canuck.

Adrian Dingle, creator of Nelvana.

Hal Foster, creator of Prince Vallaint.

Ed Furness, creator of Freelance.

Rand Holmes, underground cartoonist.

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