19 Covers Featuring Marvel's Badass Mockingbird

You can't keep a badass down. "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" resident battle stave-wielding bruiser Mockingbird, played with cool confidence by Adrianne Palicki, proved that last week when a potential spinoff series starring her and her partner Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) was ordered to pilot. The development came as a surprise considering how the project stalled following rumors of its development back in April. Whatever tweaks were made to that initial pitch must have impressed ABC enough to give the series, now titled "Marvel's Most Wanted," a pilot order.

ABC Orders Mockingbird-Centric Pilot Starring Adrianne Palicki

Honestly, this development shouldn't come as a surprise. With big screen credits like "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and "John Wick" and fan-fave cred thanks to her role on "Friday Night Lights," Palicki's ready to headline her own series. Her scene-stealing presence on "S.H.I.EL.D." guarantees that this is the comic character she was born to play (sorry, Wonder Woman). And Mockingbird? In the comics, she's a resilient, tough-as-nails spy-turned-Avenger who has fought side-by-side with nearly every one of Marvel's heavy hitters. If you still have doubts about the depths of Bobbi Morse's badass-itude, we've compiled a list of covers to convince you.

1. Mockingbird's a founding West Coast Avenger.

2. She turns batons into deadly weapons.

3. She outfights Hawkeye on the reg.

4. She's the most badass pole vaulter in the Marvel Universe.

5. She knows how to strike a pose.

6. Of course Mockingbird looks badass in formal wear.

7. Mockingbird's even badass in shadow.

8. Mockingbird's badass enough to bump Wolverine from his usual "crouching-in-front-of-groups" spot.

9. You just try to make jumping over crates look this badass.

10. Stealing jewels is bad, yeah, but she makes it look badass.

11. Mockingbird can swing a sword.

12. She's tough even when locked in a villain's sights.

13. You bet Mockingbird didn't back down from the Defiler.

14. She teams up with Marvel's other badass superheroines.

15. She has a good time while kicking ass.

16. She even makes an A.I.M. beekeeper helmet look badass!

17. Mockingbird will kick your ass, even if it's located on the tippy-top of your head!

18. Mockingbird is coming for vengeance!

19. Mockingbird is a badass and she's coming for you!

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