17 Hilarious Photos Of Arrowverse Actors Before They Got Their Big Break

It's safe to say that all of us have childhood photos that are both adorable and embarrassing at the same time. And while our parents love to display said photos all over their living room and insist on showing them to every person that steps foot into the house, we'd much rather they stay locked away. But whether it's that horrible punk phase you went through, a very bad haircut you stuck with much longer than you should have, a poorly timed shot that makes your face look funny, or perhaps a silly outfit your mom made you wear, these photos somehow find their way out of the hiding place.

Perhaps the best thing to do with these hilarious pictures is to share them and laugh together with your friends and family, because odds are they too have had similar experiences documented in their childhood photos. Thus, instead of trying to hide your "shameful" past, embrace it and post an awesome Throwback Thursday photo, much like these Arrowverse stars. They might look gorgeous and hot today, but they too were once young and stupid. So, to celebrate being young and stupid we have 17 hilarious photos of Arrowverse actors before they got their big break.


In the summer of 2017, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert and actor Nick Kroll invited celebrities to share awkward photos of when they were going through puberty with the #puberme hashtag. And in exchange, they would donate money to help the people of Puerto Rico affected by the Hurricane Maria. As expected, lots of celebrities decided to join and hilarious photos flooded social media. The DC’s Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh was one of them.

The actor shared this funny yearbook photo asking if the haircut and the terrible '90s shirt qualify for the cause. While we certainly have seen worse, it’s hard to resist Routh’s adorkable awkwardness on this photo. And although the shirt is pretty terrible, we think the haircut is the selling point.


In season five of Arrow, we were introduced with Dinah Drake, played by Juliana Harkavy. Harkavy became the next Black Canary, but she's far from being a superhero only on-screen. This gorgeous actress, writer and musician has many talents including playing the guitar, the piano and the flute. Ever since she was a child, Harkavy has been a very crafty child, as evidenced by the hilarious photo shown above.

Not being the one to miss out on the fun, the young Juliana Harkavy engaged in a fierce apple bobbing competition with the help of a scuba mask. Luckily, someone captured her moment of glory and we have this hilarious photo to make us laugh. And it's pictures like this that make us wish we could go back to being kids, if at least for a day.


Mehcad Brooks may not have been the obvious choice to play the redheaded, freckled and nerdy James Olsen, but his fresh take on the character turned out to work just fine on Supergirl. Besides, Brooks was pretty much destined to become part of the DC Universe one way or another. Take a closer look at his childhood photo and you’ll see what we mean.

In 2016, Mehcad Brooks posted this photo on his Instagram account with the following caption: "Me in a House of El shirt circa 1986. How prophetic." And prophetic it was. Almost thirty years later, he was cast as Clark Kent’s best friend James Olsen. However, the shirt is not the only thing caught out attention. The oversized hat Brooks is wearing as well as the colorful sofa in the background are perhaps even more eye-catching.


Today, Danielle Panabaker is best known as Caitlin Snow, aka Killer Frost, on The Flash. However, most of us remember her from various Disney movies, such as Read it and Weep, Sky High and Stuck in the Suburbs. And while some of her looks in these movies were quite frankly hilarious, they can hardly compete with Danielle’s childhood Christmas photo featured above.

The actress posted this adorable picture on her Instagram a few years back and we think this is her funniest look ever. Check out those fancy colorful pajamas. As far as we can tell, that appears to be Simba from The Lion King decorating Danielle’s awesome sleep wear. Judging by the gleeful look on her face, she must have been very content with what Santa got her.


The beautiful Chyler Leigh portrays Kara’s adopted sister Alex Danvers on Supergirl. The actress started acting at a very young age, making her first TV appearance at only 14. And while she has excellent style today, the above image proves this hasn’t always been the case. The 35-year-old actress shared this Flashback Friday photo on her Instagram with the caption "For realz! This is me at 13, I think. Or 14. Either way, #yikes!"

We have no idea what’s going on here, but we’re going assume it was some kind of a weird '90s photoshoot. Although, Chyler kind of looks like she’s about to step out on the stage next to Gwen Stefani or Britney Spears. Seriously though, she couldn’t look more '90s if she tried.


After the amazing crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X", Franz Drameh exited the Arrowverse. Upon Dr. Stein’s death, Jax felt he had no place among the Legends and decided to leave the Waverider. Drameh will be dearly missed and we hope this is not the last we see of him.

But if you wanna see more of Franz Drameh soon, you can always visit his Instagram. A particularly interesting photo we managed to find is this hilarious childhood picture of a very young Franz Drameh trying his damndest to look tough. Along with the photo, the actor posed a question to his followers, asking what advice they would give to their younger selves. Clearly, he’s regretting some of the life choices he made in the past.


Nowadays, the handsome Colton Haynes is famous actor, model and singer with roles in TV shows such as Teen Wolf, American Horror Story and Arrow. Recently, it was announced that Colton Haynes is coming back to Arrow, much to everyone’s delight. Haynes is supposed to return for a short story arc that will have long-lasting consequences for Roy and Thea.

However, way before Haynes became a famous actor he ran into a very bad man at the mall who pretended to be a talent agent and convinced the young Colton Haynes to take some pretty hilarious photos that were supposed to turn him into a world famous supermodel. The actor posted this hilarious photo on his Instagram commenting how he cried laughing when he found these.


Poor Mon-El certainly didn't have the best relationship with his parents, especially his mother Rhea. Although, his dad did turn out to be a nice guy  in the end. He and Mon-El probably spent a lot of quality time together in the past. It’s easy to imagine the two of them having fun much like the actor who plays Mon-El is doing with his father in the above picture.

Actor Chris Wood, who unfortunately lost his father to mental illness, posted this adorable Throwback Thursday photo remembering the times when his dad would push him and his sister around in a wheelbarrow and his sister would pretend to like him for the photos. Surely something everyone who has siblings can identify with. The death of his father prompted Wood to start a mental awareness website I Don't Mind.


The Flash star Grant Gustin is irresistibly adorable both on and off screen. And when we’re not gushing over him while watching the latest episode of The Flash, we’re showered with cute photos of him on social media. And while most of the pictures the actor posts are of him and his gorgeous fiancée LA Thoma, he sometimes surprises us with adorable childhood photos with his brother and sister.

The hilarious photo you see above is one of the most endearing childhood photos we found on Grant’s Instagram. Being the perfect big brother he is, Grant loved playing dress up with his little sister Gracie and according to the caption he regrets nothing. Nor should he, even though the photo is kind of funny.


If you ever had any doubts about whether Willa Holland is the right actress to portray Thea Queen, you need only visit her Instagram page and browse a few of her pictures to be convinced that she is. It’s no secret that Willa is a bit of a restless child at heart, which fits the role of Thea to a T. Especially the Thea from the earlier seasons of Arrow.

Featured above is a photo of a young Will Holland raising hell on her awesome new bike, but it may as well have been an old picture of Thea Queen. We can imagine her big brother Oliver watching over her as she goes around the house smashing into everything and everyone without a care in the world.


Recently, "news" got out that The Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Wally West -- aka Kid Flash, will be joining DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as series regular. This transfer surprised absolutely no one, as Wally wasn’t really given anything to do on The Flash. Hopefully, Kid Flash will finally get his chance to shine with the Legends, like so many other underused Arrowverse characters before him.

Going through Lonsdale's Instagram we found quite a few childhood photos, all of which are completely adorable. However, the one featured above was by far the funniest. Just look at the hilarious panicked look on his face as he's finally touching ground after coming down that slide. Now, that's priceless. Hats off to the photographer for capturing the moment.


Season three of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow introduced us to yet another hero and Legend, Zari Tomaz, a rogue time traveler and hacker from the year 2045. The first Muslim superhero on TV is played by the beautiful Iranian actress Tala Ashe. And just like many other fans, we here at CBR, were interested to find out more about the show's newest recruit.

We checked out the actress’s social media accounts and on her Instagram we found lots of cool pictures, including the one you see above. The Throwback Thursday photo was shared recently with the caption "outing myself as a crazy cat lady from jump." Little Tala seems to be very happy that she’s gotten hold of the cat, the cat however seems to be looking for a way out.


The Arrowverse has lots of endearing sibling relationships, all of which are special in their own way. And while pretty much no one can come close to Alex and Kara, The Flash’s West siblings have had some pretty cool moments together. However, now that Kid Flash is taking a leave of absence from Team Flash to join up with the Legends, the West siblings will once again be separated.

And although it’s clear that Wally hardly has a place on Team Flash, it would have been fun to see him and Iris work together some more. Judging by the adorable photo featured above Candice Patton knows what it means to have a brother. The actress posted this cute childhood photo of her and her brother, possibly doing a show in front of the old television set.


Over the course of almost three years, Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist made us all fall in love with her. Her adorableness, beauty and personality make Melissa a real-life Supergirl. Judging by this hilarious Throwback Thursday photo, the actress has always been very energetic. Captioned "Road rage at Chuck E. Cheese," Melissa’s childhood picture is too adorable to handle.

You can only get these expressions of pure happiness from children. Just look at how unabashedly excited and cheerful she is. It’s almost impossible not to giggle at the sight of this happy child. But we can't pass up the opportunity to comment on her haircut. Apparently, all mothers get a handbook where it is stated that you absolutely must give your child the bowl haircut. No wonder we all look ridiculous on our old photos.


The beautiful Odette Annable joined the third season of Supergirl as Samantha Arias, CFO of L-Corp, and the villainous Reign. As we watched Sam’s heartbreaking story unfold we couldn’t help but develop an affection for her, but at the same time crave an awesome showdown between Reign and Supergirl. With two great roles to play on the show, Annable immediately gained the admiration of Supergirl fans, as well as us here at CBR.

Going through her Instagram photos we found a pretty hilarious picture the actress posted for a Flashback Friday not so long ago. Looks like little Odette was headed for a session of flamenco dancing dressed in her best dancing outfit. And it's moments like this that make us wish for Sam to be saved in the end and we get to keep her on Team Supergirl.


Growing up we all had all kinds of phases when it came to hairstyles and clothing. Each and every one of us has probably had at least one phase that makes us wish the ground would swallow us up every time our moms decide to whip out the old photo album. Eventually, however, we learn to live with it and even start posting the embarrassing pictures on social media.

Arrow actor Echo Kellum has decided to take the high road and post this hilarious Throwback Thursday photo of himself and a friend back when he was into coogi sweaters. And this truly is the best way to deal with bad fashion choices. You can’t erase them from your past, so you might as well have fun with them.


The Arrow star Stephen Amell is one of the biggest superhero hotties at the time. The 36-year-old hunk is in excellent physical shape and able to perform most of his stunts on the show. On top of that, he’s made appearances on WWE and American Ninja Warrior. It's almost impossible to fathom that the teenager on the photo is in fact Amell.

According to Amell, all of his friends had grown out their hair around 1994 and he wasn’t going to be the odd one out. His long-hair phase coincided with his braces phase making this photo all the more hilarious. Not to mention his excellent choice of hair accessory. Who would have thought that this kid would grow up to be a superhero? There is hope for all of us.

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