Raised Flag: 15 Women Captain America Has Slept With

15 women cap slept with

The idea of Captain America certainly may seem like a wholesome, all-American hero but when it comes to the ladies, the iconic boy scout had pitched his tent far and wide across the Marvel Universe. While we've seen little to contradict Chris Evans' assertion that the MCU Cap is "probably a virgin," few could deny that his comic book counterpart is a prolific mattress wrecker! Those clean cut good looks and old school charm have wooed many a maiden back to his brownstone for some Super Serum-powered patriotic playtime over the decades.

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For someone traditionally associated with the old-fashioned conservative values of the '40s, he's certainly got some liberal Woodstock-era notions when it comes to deploying his little super soldier. As by this list of Cap's conquests, the star-spangled man with a plan could give serial-shagger Matt Murdock a run for his money when it comes to collecting notches on his bedpost. Across various media; whether it's Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson, there's something about a star spangly outfit that makes a woman's resolve evaporate faster than you can say "stars and stripes". Let's just hope that he throws a 'mighty shield' on the old fella, otherwise there's going to be wicked case of clap for Cap!


cap and peggy

Narratively speaking Captain America: The First Avenger had a lot on its plate and while some may feel that Cap's romance with Peggy Carter was shortchanged, for our money the brevity of their time together on screen enhances the bittersweet quality to their brief dalliance.  While we never see much to imply that these two ever got to spend some quality time together between those army-issue burlap sheets, actress Hayley Atwell told a fan in a Q&A at 2015's Boston Comic Con "I think they must have done it.".

The film's fleeting montage of Cap's time in World War II certainly allows for the possibility, and since Ms Atwell's portrayal of Peggy was so awesome it necessitated her own spin-off show, we think we can side with her when it comes to the details of Cap and Peggy's relationship.



Bernie Rosenthal had a reputation for being one of the most talented glassblowers in New York... so you can see why Cap would want to get in on that! A hip young artist from Greenwich village (this was the '80s when a glassblower could afford to live in the village while sharing an apartment with less than 5 people), Bernie won Cap's heart to the extent that they actually got engaged.

While we're (obviously) never given anything explicit in the comics, one can reasonably assume that Steve wanted to sample the goods at least once before their wedding day. When faced with smart, sexy, talented, independent woman with Bernie's good looks? Surely not even Cap's that old fashioned. Fun fact: Bernie later became a successful lawyer who'd go on to defend the brain-addled Bucky 'Winter Soldier' Barnes.


iron woman

Cap's super-philandering isn't restricted solely to the 616 Universe. In this alternate reality, discovered by a dimension-hopping Reed Richards, there exists a Steve Rogers who fell in love with Tony Stark's equivalent, Natasha Stark. In this reality it is revealed that the two were able to reconcile their political differences with good old-fashioned pelvic jousting rather than the meatheaded male fisticuffs of the 616 Universe.

This meant that the Civil War never happened, and Reed Richards was able to enact a 50 state Superhero Registration Act. When you think about all the death, violence and suffering that came out of Civil War it leaves one wondering; should Steve and Tony have at least tried to resolve matters this way? That'd be a comic worth picking up!



Whatever universe she's in, Janet Van Dyne is a pint sized pin-up whose beauty, brains and bravery make her utterly compelling. Unfortunately, women this amazing historically choose the wrong men and the Ultimate version of Hank Pym is a colossal jerk even by Hank Pym's standards, with a long and lamentable history of spousal abuse. After a very public brawl between Cap and Pym, leading in an even more public divorce, Steve and Janet became the it-couple of the 1610 Universe.

While the Ultimates as a series was a decidedly mixed bag, their relationship was an interesting examination of society's tawdry fascination with the sexual drama of celebrity couples. It also presents us with a Wasp who, despite having been abused for years, defiantly eschews any victim tropes telling TV audiences in an interview that Cap is the lucky one! Dammit, Janet, we love you too.


betsy ross

While Peggy Carter was always Cap's 'best gal' in the MCU, some fans may be surprised to learn that a lot of her narrative function in the comics was fulfilled by Betsy Ross who fought alongside Cap and Bucky in World War II using the superhero alias Golden Girl (to the delight of '80s sitcom fans). Starting out as a glorified secretary, this plucky young dame was granted more and more agency over the years.

As she transitioned to an FBI agent and eventually a costumed crime fighter with a bulletproof cape, her relationship with Cap became increasingly romantic. Since Comics Code restrictions of the time wouldn't allow for any insinuations of hanky panky there's no evidence that she shared a bed with Steve. However, when Rogers went MIA she did marry his replacement Jeff Mace, so she's boffed at least one Captain America.



Free romance advice, gentlemen... if you're going to date a lawyer with the same name as an Italian sports car, it's not a good idea to keep secrets from her. Those who know Cap primarily through the MCU may be startled to learn that Steve Rogers was once a secret identity. During Mark Waid's run on the character which began in the late '90s, Steve and Connie had a relationship that was (in comic book terms) pretty long-lived.

While the two were undoubtedly in love, things came tumbling down when Connie found out about Steve's dual identity as Captain America. Even before this big reveal the relationship was under strain. The (let's face it) reactionary Cap was always perturbed by Connie's insistence that even the MU's worst super criminals deserved legal aid, which is a bit unfair when you think about it.


captain america scarlet witch

You know what they say about the crazy ones. Steve Rogers has a very avuncular relationship with Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff in the MCU so it may come as a surprise to some that the two shared a fledgling romance in the comics. The consummately straight-laced Rogers and dangerously unstable Scarlet Witch were an odd pairing but perfectly complimentary when you think about it.

Wanda's nursed a crush on Steve ever since the Avengers' early days and the two have had some near misses over the years culminating in a brief but passionate romance that Steve decided he wanted to end. Crazy Wanda didn't take it at all well, using her reality warping powers to a chain of events that resulted in the "Avengers: Disassembled" storyline. Bunny-boiler much?



 While much Captain America content was published in a very censorious age, there's absolutely nothing prudish about Brian Michael Bendis' Alias comic (which served as the chief inspiration for Marvel's Jessica Jones Netflix show). The title provides a street-level view of some of the seedier corners of the Marvel Universe and it does so with profanity-peppered aplomb.

Jessica Jones finds herself investigating Cap's squeeze Miranda Pritchett at the behest of a concerned woman claiming to be her sister. As we spy on Miranda through Jessica's eyes we see her blond beefcake boyfriend slink away at night and unbeknownst to Miranda, change into Captain America. While the comic is very laissez faire in its approach to sex and violence, we never see anything explicitly sexual in their relationship but it is stated that they've been together a while so it's fair to assume.


wendy day captin america

While many are familiar with the earnest but bizarre 1990 Captain America film, fewer remember the 1979 CBS made-for-TV movies starring Reb Brown. They're... not good. The series eschewed the traditional World War II origin, re-casting Steve as a hopelessly bad driver who crashes his van and can only be resuscitated by an experimental serum that his father made "from his own adrenal gland". Nice!

Revived and kitted out with a rocket-powered motorcycle (what else do you give a man with a history of recklessly poor driving) Steve becomes Captain America... for some reason. When a pre-accident Steve is hesitant to try the Super Serum, Dr. Wendy Day is sent to use her feminine wiles to persuade him and the two remain romantically linked through both movies.



From Muppet Babies to James Bond Jr., pint-sized re-imaginings of established pop culture icons is always a recipe for critical and commercial success. The kid-friendly 2008 animated movie Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (directed by DCAU mainstay Jay Oliva) tells the story of a young group of second-generation of Avengers led by James Rogers, the child of Captain America and Black Widow.

The movie informs us that Cap and Natasha were long-term lovers and raised their son James together before her death at the hands of Ultron. Touchingly, Tony Stark creates an Iron Black Widow robot in her memory but it is later corrupted by Ultron. It's ironic that the one place where we're able to actually quantify one of Cap's sexual relationships is in a medium this kiddie-centric.


rogue captain america

Another "new generation" tale, this time featured in the comics, saw an alternate timeline where the participants of the "Secret Wars" storyline were stranded on Battleworld where they all settled down, paired up and had children. Taking place 25 years after the iconic 1984 event, it casts Steve Rogers and Rogue (controlled by the mind of Carol Danvers) as lovers and parents of Sarah Rogers.

Because Danvers was in control of Anna Marie's body (Steve actually calls her 'Carol' at one point) she and Steve were able to... touch. This also led to their daughter Sarah possessing some Ms Marvel-esque powers. It's the kind of vaguely inventive but ultimately disposable story that was proliferate in the late '90s but it's further proof that there's not a reality in existence where Steve Rogers isn't a super stud.



Steve Rogers may be a prolific womanizer, but his protege Sam Wilson was no slouch either. In fact, 'Falcap' has a sexual reputation even more contentious than Rogers'. A few years back in Captain America #22 writer Rick Remender courted controversy when he concocted a drunken one-night stand between Sam Wilson and Jet Zola (daughter of the infamous Hulk-pants impersonator Arnim Zola). Many fans were incensed at this as they were under the impression that Jet was in her early teens, and thus the encounter was statutory rape.

However, jet had spent some time in Dimension Z where time works differently and she had alluded earlier in the issue to her 23rd birthday making her at least 23. That didn't stop the hashtag #FireRickRemender from being ubiquitous at the time. Who'd have thought that comic book fans could get vitriolic on social media?


Captain america and sharon carter

If there's any ambiguity as to whether Steve and Peggy knocked boots back in the '40s, there's no denying that Peggy's niece (or great niece, depending who you ask) can attest that Cap's shield isn't the only thing that's been spangled. While Steve and Sharon have only shared one awkward kiss in the MCU they get a lot friendlier in the comics.

In Captain America #16 (part of Ed Brubaker's superlative run on the character) Steve and Sharon find themselves working together to track down The Winter Soldier in Des Moines. The two are seen kissing and canoodling and we cut to a hotel room where they're seen sharing a post-coital embrace in bed. Iron clad proof that there's nowhere in the US that's sexier than Iowa!



Black Cat, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Elektra... we all know there's nothing sexier than a bad girl and you bet Cap knows it too. Except, unlike the rest of us, he's speaking from personal experience. Steve's torrid romance with Rachel Leighton AKA Diamondback has been on-again-off again in the comics for years. In fact when their romance blossomed, it featured the first time that the image of Steve on a date was acomic book cover.

A former member of the Serpent Society and occasional bad-girl-gone-good, Diamondback is no stranger to using her feminine charms to manipulate men into giving her what she wants. In fact, she once even threatened to crash her airplane unless Cap agreed to bump uglies with her. She later admitted that she was genuinely in love with him, so... Awww we guess?



Steve Rogers had some impressive conquests, but he's not one of the select few comic book characters who can say he's banged a God! Last year, when things were getting All-New and All-Different, Jane Foster's Thor surprised everyone by locking in a passionate embrace with Sam Wilson's Captain America in what senior editor Ben Morse dubbed "Earth's mightiest kiss".

After the two part lips Thor remarks "You taste like I'd expect a Captain America to taste", while an awed Sam replies "You taste... You taste like a Goddess...". And it doesn't get any sexier than that! In all seriousness, it was later revealed that Thor's impulsiveness was due to the revelation that Jane Foster had cancer and Sam was supportive and devoted by visiting her and helping her through chemotherapy. What a guy!

Did we miss any other of Cap's bedroom conquests? Let us know in the comments section!

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