15 Times Twitch Players Broke The Internet

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Twitch has quickly become the dominant platform for gamers to stream their action to anyone who chooses to watch. As each streamer builds their audience, they open themselves up to receive cash donations or even sponsorships and many other opportunities to make a living. Yes, it's true what we all told our parents when we were kids: we can make a living playing video games. Twitch is serious business and as any business will tell you, there are a number of rules their users must follow. Failure to do so could mean a temporary or even a permanent ban and Twitch enforces their rules rather stringently. Let's not forget, a lot of children watch Twitch streamers.

Because of this, many people have been kicked off the service for various rules violations ranging from minor things like exploiting a glitch to elevating their channel into a more adult realm than Twitch would prefer. While each player we found was inevitably banned at some point, their violations pretty much top the chart of activity they took too far. We dug through the stories and found some good examples of what not to do when using the platform!


Twitch Streamer Destiny Banned

If there's one thing gamers cannot seem to abide, it's a cheater. Sure, it's fun to mess around with the game and tweak it here or there via mods, but outright cheating is taboo. Actually, it's not just taboo, it's against the rules and can get a player banned. That's exactly what happened to the Twitch streamer Destiny who took advantage of a bug in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

It was a pretty funny glitch when you get down to it: players who were hiding in buildings and would otherwise be safe were completely exposed to him. He could run them over with a jeep and flatten them. It was funny, but it was also technically cheating since he stole kills from other players. While it seems unfair to ban a player for this, it is against the rules: "Do not exploit bugs or glitches."


Twitch Streamer Phantom Lord

When it comes to games with a healthy marketplace for players to buy, sell and trade digital items for real-world currency, you need look no further than Counter-Strike Global Offensive. That game's marketplace allows for players to exchange digital skins for their in-game weapons for real cash and the prices can reach well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, really.

James "PhantomL0rd" Varga was a popular CSGO streamer on Twitch and YouTube who would place wagers via a site called CSGO Shuffle. That's not a problem unless it turns out that you are a co-owner in the site who altered win-percentages to give yourself an advantage. Not only was Varga in violation of Twitch guidelines, he violated FTC rules and broke federal laws. Varga was busted thanks to his involvement going public and was subsequently banned.


Video games are a great source of entertainment. You can pick up a gun a shoot your best friend's face clean off and he won't even get mad (unless you are on the same team). That's why it's all fun and games -- nobody can really get hurt and streaming platforms like Twitch have some serious "no violence" policies meant to keep easy-to-anger players from threatening one another.

Along these lines, Twitch has forbidden players to show weapons of any kind in their real-world video streams. They could be taken as threatening and are absolutely not allowed. If only someone had reminded RiceGum of this before he brandished his incredibly realistic BB Gun. Even though the gun in question fires BBs and not bullets, that didn't keep him from getting booted from the site while live-streaming himself playing Overwatch.

12 CRO

Twitch Streamer Cr0_

CR0 was a popular streamer who clearly had some personal problems that made his channel a bit tough to watch at times. He would appear inebriated online numerous times and could be seen drinking in his stream. That's not the worst thing he did though, he was also caught cheating, which is a big no-no. But he would also threaten various other things, many of which we can't even mention here.

CR0 would also make jokes about assault and likely did illicit substances prior to turning on his camera. The guy clearly had issues he needed to deal with while not standing in front of a camera, but his most egregious fail was when he threatened via Twitter to kill himself on Twitch. The company didn't take too kindly to that so they banned him fro the platform.


Twitch Streamer Brittany Venti

Brittany Venti was an incredibly popular streamer who ended up getting banned from Twitch thanks to a particularly vulgar stream made while she was playing Grand Theft Auto V back in 2015. She was being raided by 4Chan, which means that 4Chan was sending their viewers en masse to her channel in order to Spam her channel with fake donations and other trolling tactics.

In her last stream, Venti had her text-to-speech function turned on, which became problematic when raiders began writing racist and offensive comments on her channel. She had been banned temporarily a few times before the permanent ban, but that was almost entirely due to her cleavage and frequent questioning of the size of her male viewers'... let's call them "special areas." She petitioned to have her ban lifted and was eventually returned to the site.


For a woman who described herself as a "twerking booby streamer," it should come as no surprise that Twitch knocked her off the platform for oversharing parts of her body. Zoie Burgher would frequently wear the skimpiest outfits possible before jumping up and down in celebration of a minor victory.

She would also twerk in her seat and use her body to alleviate money from thousands of men whose pockets it was clearly otherwise burning a hole in. Twitch execs understand that a lot of young women make their living on their platform, but they have to draw the line somewhere. Burgher was finally banned from the platform thanks to violating their rules on "sexually explicit content" and she hasn't been able to get back on the platform since.

9 CASTRO_1021

Twitch Streamer Castro_1021

Castro_1021 is one of the most popular users on the platform sitting at the #22 most popular streamer spot, thanks to his love of FIFA games. Normally, Castro doesn't do anything that someone could find too offensive so the question of what he could have possibly done to cross the line and receive a ban might confuse some people.

Back in December 2017, Castro decided to live-stream the World Cup 2018 group draw and film his reactions to it. Had he just filmed his reactions and nothing else, there wouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately, he violated copyright laws (and Twitch policy) by streaming the program live on his channel. Fortunately for his fans, the ban was not permanent and he has returned to the platform to be as popular as ever.


Twitch Streamer Gross Gore

Gross Gore's line-crossing incident has to do with Twitch's anti-harassment policy and a weird story. Gore and a buddy spent £2,000 in an attempt to sleep with a couple of women. They set up a meeting and had two hotel rooms where the two guys fought the good fight, but were eventually denied... some might say thankfully.

It was later revealed that two other professional gamers got the girls, which led to Gore accusing them of brainwashing and stealing the girls from him and his pal. Apparently, he had never been rejected by a woman before so he lashed out at the guys they ended up going with. He called them out for it online, threatened them and sent threats, which culminated in his official and final ban from Twitch. With any luck, he learned to at least treat women as people and not property, but we aren't holding our breath.


Twitch Streamer KneeColeslaw Cat Abuse

During a live stream, the cat was causing some issues she didn't particularly like. In an attempt to correct the cat's behavior, she decided to choke her cat... live. Unsurprisingly, this angered a lot of her viewers who enjoyed watching her play video games, hurting her beloved pet. The cat wasn't badly injured and survived, as did its owner, whose ban wasn't permanent. That being said, she was also banned for doing jumping jacks while scantily clad, which resulted in a wardrobe malfunction.


Twitch Streamer SonOnOldSchool

Some people you watch because they are good gamers and some you watch because they aren't the nicest people in the world. SonOnOldSchool was certainly the latter; he was abusive to his viewers and would get confrontational with people he disagreed with. Granted, that's not crossing the line or doing anything that should result in a ban, but it didn't help his case when the ban hammer finally fell.

SonOnOldSchool got wasted and went on a racist tirade in a drunken rant the Twitch admins couldn't help but notice. The combination of personal attacks, drunkenness on camera and racial commentary were just too much to keep him on the platform. You can check out his online demolition on YouTube if you have a stomach to watch an unusually abusive Canadian. He was banned and has not been allowed back on the platform.


Twitch Streamer Roxicett

Roxicett had a fairly decent online presence before her ban from Twitch had her heading for the hills and leaving her Internet presence behind her. She had the habit of streaming while intoxicated, but not so badly as some of the others on this list and her inebriation wasn't the cause of her ban.

There are plenty of ladies on the platform who don't mind offering up various returns on their viewers' investment in the form of flashes. Most of the time, these aren't returned since flashing the camera will get you banned, but Roxicett had no problem fulfilling these promises... twice! Roxicett flashed two parts of her body to two separate donors -- you can probably imagine which two parts she showed off. This earned her a permanent ban and she hasn't been seen online since.


Twitch Streamer STPeach

STPeach is probably best known for her skills in cosplay than gaming, but that didn't keep her from gaining fame on Twitch. Like many folks on the channel, she traded her gaming skills for her looks and made it work for her. She ended up succumbing to a temporary ban thanks to a nip-slip, which, we're pretty certain her fans didn't mind all that much. It was the people who don't like her that felt the temporary ban wasn't enough.

STPeach is a very controversial figure, and has as many detractors as she does fans. Despite her alleged treatment of people, she ended up returning to the platform where she is a bit more reserved in her attire, though she doesn't have a problem showing off as much of herself as the Twitch admins will allow, which is, of course, her prerogative.


Twitch Streamer LegendaryLea

LegendaryLea is a Twitch streamer who earned herself a temporary ban for doing something completely by accident. It's true that she dressed provocatively, which isn't unusual on the platform, but that's not exactly why she was banned. When she got up from her seat, she ended up flashing the camera.

It was clearly an accident, but the flash came during a stream of her playing Dark Souls. She leaned up from her seat to grab something off-screen and gave the world a little more than she intended. She explained it by saying, "Sorry I had to stand in an awkward way due to my ankle injury. Boy shorts were underneath." She ended up receiving a 30-day ban and has since returned to the platform, no harm, no foul



Angel "ZilianOP" Hamilton was a Twitch streamer who had a lot of struggle to deal with in his life. Unfortunately, he was bound to a wheelchair and spent his time trying to earn money on Twitch by streaming his games. A lot of people helped him out by sending in donations and supporting him wherever they could, which is certainly nice. The only problem: he faked it.

There are a lot of people who have to spend their lives bound to a wheelchair who don't ask for anything from anybody and for someone to fake it to get money rightfully angered many of his fans and other viewers. He was caught when he accidentally... or miraculously stood up and walked off camera before quickly returning to try and hide his lies. Thankfully, Twitch banned him to no-mans-land where he would never be able to stream again.


JOEDADDY05 commenting on beating his girlfriend

Joe "JoeDaddy05" Ortega ended up crossing the line on his Twitch channel, not for something he did on Twitch, but for something he did off-camera. After playing NBA 2K16 on his PS4, Ortega neglected to turn off his stream when he decided to walk off camera and attack his partner... and it was horrific to hear.

Ortega can be heard yelling obscenities and threats at his girlfriend. She can be heard threatening to call the police and a scuffle breaks out with more yelling. At one point, she even screams that he is assaulting her. Ortega claimed he didn't, but "fell on top of her." Twitch quickly banned him permanently and the Internet, once again quite rightly, turned against him to its fullest and most visceral measure.

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