15 Things We Want To See In The Wonder Woman Movie


There's immense anticipation building towards "Wonder Woman," coming in June 2017. Not only is pressure come from being a female-led superhero flick, but also because fans became apprehensive about the project when DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. lost Michelle MacLaren as director. It was left to director Patty Jenkins to shape something which fans are hoping will garner better critical reception than "Suicide Squad" or "Batman V Superman."

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Based on the trailers so far, Jenkins and Gal Gadot appear to have found the right formula in terms of adapting the origins of Diana Prince, who was raised on the sheltered island of Themyscira and trained to become an elite warrior who fights for justice. With the hype train starting, here are 15 things we'd like to see in the movie.

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15 The Pantheon Of Greek Gods


It would be disappointing if Jenkins' groundbreaking foray into the princess of the Amazons doesn't hit the key notes of Greek mythology that have been embedded in Wonder Woman comics over the decades. We're hoping that the Greek gods aren't simply mentioned in passing or relegated to cameos and Easter Eggs because we were promised something of the grandest magnitude, overseen by writer Geoff Johns and inspired by Richard Donner's "Superman." 

Comic loyalists will be expecting Zeus to factor into Diana's clay origins as well as to have his relationship explored with her mother, Hippolyta. However, the film shouldn't limit itself to just Zeus or recurring Wonder Woman antagonist, Ares, as there are so many other classic mythological villains to draw from like Circe and Hades. The "Clash of the Titans" franchise is a great example of this and ultimately, we'd love for a bit more of that round-table drama on Olympus which influenced Diana's rise as a demigod.

14 Mythical Monsters


While we're on the topic of Greek mythology, we'd love to see Wonder Woman tussle with the meanest of monsters and behemoths. There's no doubt that it would be cinematic gold in terms of visual aesthetic, so including the Minotaur or the ever-savage harpies, as seen in the 2009 "Wonder Woman" animated film, could increase the action pace and amplify the movie's scope.

We're used to seeing Wonder Woman fighting metahumans, cosmic entities and other super-powered individuals, but battling creatures affiliated with part of her lineage is something that really changes the dynamic of the film. Her "Batman v Superman" battle with Doomsday certainly offers a taste as to how these throw downs would play out. Having opposition with that kind of strength would also resonate deeper as it adds a degree of spectacle a la "300." We didn't see any hints of monsters so far in the trailers, but if Jenkins is looking to differentiate her period piece, this may well be the route to follow. After all, Diana's already stated how she's "killed creatures from other worlds before" in Zack Snyder's last brawling epic.

13 The God of War Unleashed


Ares is war personified, so as the God of War, he embodies everything needed to be the perfect antagonist in the comics: insurmountable strength backed by the most strategic mind. We've seen very little of Danny Huston (who appeared in "Wrath of the Titans" as the Grecian God of the Oceans, Poseidon), but the popular theory is that he will eventually be shown armored up as Ares. It could also be that they're interpreting him more subtly and allowing him to take the more political path.

That said, it would be a gigantic letdown if Ares doesn't go into the battlefield, wreaking havoc with his armies and fully unleashing the dogs of war, especially given the film's setting being the bloodiest war in human history. Aries has always been a major thorn in Diana's side throughout her long comics history so we're praying the movie doesn't do a major disservice by diluting or subverting him too much. In fact, this is the ideal opportunity to mesh the genocidal mentality of Snyder's Zod with Christoper Nolan's cerebral Joker.

12 The Invisible Jet


We don't know much about how Diana's people will be depicted in the movie, but so far, the Amazonian contingent doesn't appear to be technology advanced. Their seems more primitive and melee-based like swords and spears, which (while accurate to numerous comic book depictions) makes it unlikely we'll see her in a jet of her own. In fact, it's pretty much a given since Diane Nelson, the DC Entertainment president, says it won't appear in the film. However, with Themyscira known for its cloaking ability, whether caused by magic or science, maybe some sort of artifact or invention could be used to have her mask a non-jet airplane from Man's World. That would certainly be a huge moment for Wonder Woman diehards.

A lot about Diana and her stomping ground has been kept mysterious by Jenkins, but with Gal Gadot campaigning for months about how the movie will wow even the die-hard comic fans, maybe we can expect references to said jet as well as other nods and Easter Eggs. This particular item may not end up being a major part of Wonder Woman's arsenal, but with "Justice League" around the corner, there's always room for an early curveball here and there.

11 Not Just A Copy Of The First Avenger


Jenkins' movie undoubtedly draws comparisons to"Captain America: The First Avenger," because "Wonder Woman," as in Steve Rogers' cinematic debut, also consists of being a prequel to the other films in its currently established shared movie universe, as well as encompasses a World War setting. Both movies also explore the depiction of women in the early 20th Century.

While Jenkins has moved to quell rumors about there being major problems during production, there's still the risk of it coming off as underwhelming or, even if it does entertain, fail to receive the acclaim it might deserve due to audiences feeling too much of the plot is a regurgitation of the Captain America film. Differentiation will surely be crucial as Wonder Woman gets her superhero start, so the fact that we already know the state Diana's left in after the movie's end could be a curse just as easily as it could be a blessing. After all, unlike with Captain America, "Wonder Woman" needs to work as Diana's precursor to her appearance in "Batman v Superman."

10 An Emotionally Complex Diana


After venturing out into the world, one of the big pillars in Diana's life remained Steve Trevor, who'll be played by Chris Pine. Their romance blossomed over the course of several comics adventures and is one of the most remarkable in DC's stable. We've already glimpsed possible signs of the duo falling for each other in the promo spots and, in this case, we don't mind their love being played up because it helps build her up as more than just a one-dimensional warrior archetype.

While Wonder Woman will always be self-assured, confident, composed and determined, there's still a warmth and compassion to her that we believe she's yet to discover onscreen. That's not at all to say we feel she needs to be in a relationship with Trevor in order to be considered a fleshed-out character. Rather, we believe their back and forths will provide numerous opportunities to showcase her wit, humor, compassion and patience.

9 The Death Of Steve Trevor


This could be what sparks Diana's cynical mindset which we saw in "Batman v Superman." Imagine having her leave Themyscira because of Steve Trevor only to fail to keep him alive. It'd be even more bitter if it's Ares that claims his life because it would further disenchant her with the Gods of Olympus. Diana has also spent all her life on the island paradise of Themyscira, so she's never had to lose someone in battle who's been placed under her protection. Coming face to face with her failings wouldn't be an easy thing for her to deal with.

With Pine stating he's not going to play dual roles in the film, namely Trevor's grandson in the present day assembling of the "Justice League," then there's a good shot he'll die next June. He may well be playing a role similar to Marvel's Agent Carter, whose character was also set in the past and whose memory in the present ended up having a major impact the hero whose movie she appeared in.

8 The Story Behind Her Weapons And Armor


We've already seen Wonder Woman leaping into action and carving out justice in her full uniform. Fans have lapped it all up, from her impenetrable shield to her bullet-deflecting wrist bands to her lasso. In rewinding her story, we're really hoping for some elaboration into these accessories and artifacts. The backstory of why she chose to don those specific would add a lot of depth to Jenkins' movie. Were they given to her? Did she steal them? Is she worthy of them? These are all burning questions but the one that stands out most: why did she pick what she picked?

We saw some answers hinted at in the trailers, but we're hoping for something sentimental, which trumps a smash-and-grab job to kit herself out. Much like how Snyder gave meaning to the suit in "Man of Steel," the insight into all of Wonder Woman's gear matters especially if it's set for a contemporary audience.

7 Some Lasso Interrogations



Wonder Woman's "Lasso of Truth" can go toe-to-toe with any villain despite being mocked from time to time. People really underestimate its strength, which we saw unleashed when she helped stop the threat of Doomsday in "Batman v Superman." The lasso was used to subdue him for Superman to finish off, showing that it's just more than just a piece of rope. Another big attribute of this iconic element is its ability to extract the truth from someone under interrogation.

This makes it the ideal tool for her if she runs into prisoners of war taken by Trevor's allies. They'll surely be compelled to tell the truth, thus getting her a lot of intel if she asks them the right questions. Having your own lie-detector test (speaking of which, did you know lie detectors were invented by the same guy who created Wonder Woman?) isn't such a bad thing, especially if Diana ends up being forced to rely on someone untrustworthy.

6 Less Ramping During Action Sequences


Zack Snyder went to town with ramping (action sequences that alternate between slow motion and suddenly ramping up the speed) as a storytelling method in "300" and "Sucker Punch," so it was a breath of fresh air to see that when he united DC's Trinity with Chris Terrio and David Goyer, this wasn't a focal point of the cinematography. However, Jenkins looks she might be trying to compensate for this as she has a swath of Wonder Woman deflecting bullets, skating on the ground, jump-kicking and slashing all in slow motion. We get it: it adds dramatic flair and appeal, but seriously, don't go overboard.

We understand that the movie needs to have its own sense of character and a distinguished personality but why focus on a visual aspect that's been flogged to death over the last few years? We already know Wonder Woman's an immortal butt-kicker and that she's quicker, faster and stronger, so why slow it down and then show it faster than it's meant to be? Let's hope her fighting style is dealt with more originally because this isn't very proactive in giving the movie its own identity.

5 Tension In Themyscira


The Amazonians won't be be pleased when one of their own decides to leave and fight alongside a bloodthirsty, primitive man (even if Steve Trevor is actually anything but). Tensions should run high with Diana's decision, especially since it's for a bunch of war advocates and invaders, so it would be interesting to see if Hippolyta and company let her exit with their blessing.

Will she return to Themyscira? As of "Batman v Superman" we could ask if she was exiled since she appeared to have spent all her time between films away from home. Diana dividing her loyalties will surely leave a bitter taste in her own mouth and in those of her sisters that will have lasting repercussions. We're all assuming she'll be an emissary and diplomat, but what if she's actually an outcast? And if she is, what will happen if she ever tries to return home?

4 Signs Of DC's Magic-Based Heroes


Whether it's in Easter Eggs or cameos, one of the smartest moves DC Entertainment could pull off to advance their cinematic vision would be to insert the realm of magic. With "Shazam!" already taking shape through Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Black Adam, our cameo fingers are crossed for the titular wizard or The Rock of Eternity to get some kind of mention. After all, every letter in the magic word that allows Billy Batson to transform, barring the letter S at the beginning, are linked to Greek mythology. The remaining letters are an acronym for Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury (which is the Roman name of the Grecian Hermes), so there's no connection to force there, it's all organic.

The ball needs to get rolling with "Doctor Strange" already crushing the box office for their rivals. DC needs to get off the bench with respect to its magical and mystical community because they have a lot of integral characters they can use to make this a reality. We're hoping they approach the likes of Dr. Fate, Zatara and of course, The Spectre, to kickstart this movement.

3 A Relic Hunter


Diana revealed herself to Bruce Wayne in the contentious "Batman v Superman" movie as an antiquities dealer, which may have been there to simply shove the plot forward, but for continuity's sake, whether it be at the film's end or throughout the movie, let's see her hunting and documenting relics as part of what Gal Gadot refers to as Wonder Woman's coming-of-age story. 

This is one direction they can take in positioning her because it makes for something more than just a treasure hunter. In fact, it could mold her as a gatekeeper to all things that make the DC film-verse go bump in the night. More so, it would define her as an expert with a plethora of knowledge obtained through years of experience in the field with entities from all walks of the universe. Imagine a reference to Fate's helmet, green men in the sky, a map to Oa, the husk of the Anti-Monitor or a box that signals entry for the Trinity of Sin: Pandora, The Question and lastly, The Phantom Stranger. The possibilities are infinite and could shape Diana as the true leader of the Justice League when the time comes.

2 Meeting Cheetah


If it turns out this villain is being hidden or disguised in the movie, then they're doing a pretty awesome job at it. We know it's a stretch to ask for Cheetah because it may not fit with what's going on in terms of Wonder Woman trying to stop genocide and whatnot, but even if it's just in a brief foreshadowing scene, then consider us sated. Maybe giving Cheetah her civilian persona, Barbara Ann Minvera, some screen time is another option.

"Rebirth" has interpreted her as an archaeologist transformed by a cult and made her ties to Diana even closer, so slipping in a future seed or two for this could be cleverly done on-screen. We don't know much about the despot that Elena Anaya is playing either, so maybe it could end up being a new take on Minerva and we're simply unaware at the moment. One thing is certain: their feud and long-time rivalry is one of Wonder Woman's most significant and impactful, so we'd love to have them tussle sooner rather than later.

1 Hints Of Apokolips


Diana's strength and capability will eventually be tested by the impending arrival of Darkseid. Any footprints of Apokolips, however, will have to be subtle so as not to divert attention away from the blockbuster we've been promised by Warner Bros.  Something like seeing the Omega symbol on an artifact, or a nightmare vision like Batman had, or even just a reference to the New Gods or the Source Wall in some old book would be perfect. Wonder Woman may even have seen privy an old abandoned Mother Box (the device which allows for inter-dimensional transportation to Darkseid's homeworld) on Themyscira or in a museum.

If it ends up being revealed that she has or gains insight on any of these, then it would serve to inject more gravitas into the film. If anybody even mentions the anti-life equation, then prepare for fans to lose their minds on a whole new level. The elder Amazonians in the comics are already accustomed to visits from celestial strangers, so there's a chance they too have key information. Meanwhile, given how Darkseid actually sired a daughter an Amazonian in the comics, there's room for lore on the tyrannical New God to already exist on Themyscira.

The point is, every small step made here is a tremendous step towards the "Justice League" movies!

Thoughts on our picks? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you'd love to see in the movie!

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