Love Blossoms: The 15 Steamiest Moments From Season 1 Of Riverdale

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One of the CW’s breakout shows over the last year, Riverdale, the reimagining of Archie Andrews and friends from the classic comics, quickly found tremendous success. Taking a dark, edgy, and sexy tone, fans have likened Riverdale to a more teenybopper version of Twin Peaks. Interestingly enough, it’s a tone that works wonderfully well. Those who watch the show can’t seem to ever get enough of it.  It helps that nearly the entire cast is made up of ridiculously good-looking people. It's the way with any CW shows, but Riverdale has successfully managed to stand out in that regard too. The showrunners know their fanbase and do their utmost to keep baiting viewers into coming back, offering plenty of scandalous shots of fan-favorites.

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Littered with numerous sexy moments, Riverdale  has no shortage of mouth-watering shots. Yet unlike some shows, Riverdale manages to balance those hot and chemistry-driven moments with captivating stories and very human characters. It’s a difficult tightrope to walk, but one Riverdale does wonderfully. However, today we’re not here to look at richness of character. Today at CB, we’re going to take a close look at 15 of the steamiest moments in Riverdale’s first season. Here’s hoping the second season continues pushing the lewd envelope!


summertime with archie

The hottest time of year, summer is a period of months when anything can happen. Including Archie showing off his ridiculous abs. In one of the season’s earliest flashbacks, we see Archie in all his summertime glory. Part of Archie’s desirability is that he’s also a sweet guy, with an endearing, albeit naïve, personality.

Having taken up working construction over the summer, the new and improved Archie packs on tons of muscle in his new job. So impressive is his figure, that he completely catches his friends off guard with his new looks once school starts up again. Betty and Kevin comment on how Archie has become a red-haired beefcake, his impressive physique also getting the attention of Riverdale High’s music teacher Ms. Grundy. From there, a whole other bunch of shenanigans ensue, leading to…


the affair grundy archie

Many of us all have a school-teacher fantasy; that perfect librarian-looking figure, horned-rimmed glasses and all, who maintains an appetite that can only be satiated after class and away from prying eyes. Miss Grundy, Riverdale High’s music instructor, is such a teacher. Gorgeous in every way, as though she just popped out of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, once she sets her eyes on Archie Andrews, she can’t let go.

After catching sight of Archie amidst the grueling heat of summertime, the two immediately form a connection, albeit an illicit one. From there, the two begin a sultry affair. Their relationship lasts quite a while, more than several episodes in fact. Yet eventually Jughead, along with the rest of Archie’s friends, find out about the teacher-student relationship and plead Archie to stop seeing Miss Grundy. Archie is totally smitten and can’t imagine a life without her.



Towards the end of Archie and Miss Grundy’s relationship, the two spend a passionate night together. The passion doesn’t just come from these two love-smitten fools rubbing their hands all up and down one another, but it’s Miss Grundy’s revealing of a longtime dream that merits discussion.

In her younger years, Miss Grundy dreamed of becoming a musician and being a part of large symphonies. This strikes a chord with Archie, as that’s essentially his dream. Miss Grundy genuinely believes in Archie’s talent and Archie feels that belief right back. However, as soon as Fred Andrews, Archie’s father, finds out, the adults of Riverdale come together and kick Miss Grundy out of the town; a reasonable punishment considering they could have sent her to jail.



As you’ll see, Riverdale features multiple times where Archie is kissing someone or another. In his first real and legal relationship on the show, Archie starts dating Valerie, one of the musicians in the Josie and The Pussycats band. As looked at earlier, Archie aspires to be a renowned musical talent. While Josie refuses to help him, Valerie does not.

Similar to Miss Grundy in that she’s able to see raw talent laden within the red-haired teen, she takes Archie under her wing and helps him get ready for a show in front of Riverdale and its people. With their team-up a success, the two kiss. From there, the two start dating and actually make a good couple. Unfortunately, this little love story only lasts a short time, as Valerie gets tired of Archie’s numerous crises.


tank-top wearing jughead

Throughout the first season of Riverdale, nearly every character has their turn serving as mouth-watering eye-candy for audiences. In the eighth episode of Riverdale, Jughead Jones finally got his due. Typically one wouldn’t consider Jughead in that role, but the introverted, off-kilter, writer has that alluring man of mystery quality many can’t help find themselves attracted to.

While Archie is typically off being shirtless and getting into trouble, fans were unexpectedly satisfied to see Jughead working construction in nothing more than a tight, white undershirt. It was an opportunity many didn’t even realize they wanted, as the moody Jughead, usually found himself buried under mountains of awkward clothing; though in showing off Jughead Jones’ muscles, the show left just enough to the imagination to keep fans wanting more.


archie veronica kiss

Cheryl Blossom, feeling upstaged from when Veronica talked back to her earlier in the first episode, hatches a plan to hurt Archie, Betty, and Veronica. Getting all the gang together at a party, Cheryl manipulates the situation to get Veronica and Archie into a closet to play "7 Minutes in Heaven". She knows if they kiss, Betty will find out and be hurt, but if they don’t kiss, either Archie or Veronica will feel rejected and get hurt. Either way, she wins.

Veronica is onto Cheryl’s plan and stalls for time by asking Archie questions, like whether Betty is just a friend or something more. Eventually the two young things are unable to resist the spark between them and give way to their animal urges, kissing each other deeply. Thankfully, Betty never found out about the event until Archie mustered up the courage and told her himself.



It’s not just the teenagers of Riverdale who are getting frisky, but the parents as well. When you see who sired these genetically perfect offspring, it comes as no surprise to anyone that the moms and dads of Riverdale are rather steamy themselves. When it comes to the mothers of Riverdale, there’s no denying their allure. There’s something overwhelmingly intoxicating about a strong, sexy older woman, who knows she’s still got it. Veronica’s mom in particular, Hermione Lodge, is arguably the most attractive parent around.

Like her daughter, Hermione also has a thing for Andrews men. She courts Fred Andrews despite the fact she’s already married. Like most relationships on the show, this one was doomed from the start. Later, while her feelings for Fred were mostly true, Hermione reveals she got close to Fred to manipulate him so he would aid her with her husband’s business dealings.



Kevin Keller is oftentimes unlucky when it comes to finding love. Living in a small town like Riverdale is not where the out-and-proud Kevin yearns to live for all his life. With hardly any men to choose from except for closet-cases, meeting the bad-boy Joaquin comes as a much-needed source of relief and love.

A member of the Southside Serpents gang, Joaquin is debatably the last guy we would have expected super sweet Kevin to end up with, but the two quickly hit it off, making out furiously whenever the opportunity presented itself. Alas, despite the sparks and the genuine feelings they held for each other, it would later be discovered Joaquin only got close to Kevin so he could spy on him and Archie and pals, digging around to find out what they knew about Jason Blossom’s murder.



There are plenty of steamy kisses on Riverdale, but it’s impossible to deny the unexpected and saucy kiss shared between Betty and Veronica. In episode one, Veronica is out to prove that she’s willing to do nearly anything to become a part of the Riverdale Vixens, the cheerleading squad let by the tyrannical Cheryl Blossom.

Teaming up with Betty, the two are unable to impress Cheryl with their skills. Demanding more from the duo, Veronica takes Betty and plants a passionate kiss on her new friend. The kiss doesn’t exactly have the effect Veronica was going for, as Cheryl remains unimpressed by the faux-lesbian makeout session. Even though the kiss had no long-lasting consequences, it was enough to grab viewers’ attention and make people wonder where the heck the show was headed.


the boys' locker room riverdale

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in the boys’ locker room? Well wonder no more, Riverdale is here to help you out! In episode three, Veronica barges into the football teams’ locker room, looking for Chuck, the sports jock who humiliated Veronica online, along with countless other young women.

Despite the rendezvous going nowhere near as well as Veronica hoped for, who would later be forced to take more drastic means to put an end to Chuck’s reign of terror, the scene certainly gave viewers a chance to see Archie, and a bunch of other young athletes, in all their sweaty, super muscular, glory. There wouldn’t be many more scenes in the locker room for the rest of the season, but that’s why we have a second season and plenty more episodes coming soon.



These are not the female singers your parents grew up with. Oh no, rather, Riverdale’s iteration of Josie and the Pussycats is made up of incredibly sexy ladies, who are not only talented musicians, but come with an attitude to match. Anytime they’re on screen, the group, especially Josie herself, steals the show. There might not be one specific scene that comes to mind.

Josie and her gals give steamy performance after steamy performance, teasing the audience with their kitty cat ears and sensual voices; whenever Josie speaks it comes across like the purr of a temptress. Don’t let their gorgeous looks fool you; these minxes are strong, independent women through and through, which kind of only makes them hotter. They won’t put up with anybody’s nonsense and you can bet they’ll claw their way to the top with nothing but their raw talent, inner strength and Hollywood glamour.


riverdale archie run

It’s one of our earliest introductions to Archie and also one of the sexiest. After spending a summer working construction for his father, Archie is more than ready to get back into school-related activities. Wanting to join the football team, Archie is putting in all the time, dedication, and training necessary to reach his goal. For some reason, whenever Archie is shirtless, he can nearly always be found sweating.

Whether he’s sleeping and shirtless, hanging out and shirtless, or exercising and shirtless, he’s always hot and sweaty. It’s not just his physique that merits attention, but as previously noted, his personality. Unlike everyone else in Riverdale and the audiences of the show, Archie doesn’t see himself as hot. He’s completely mystified whenever a girl takes romantic interest in him. His modesty and kindness, plus his athletic and musical skills, making him an incredibly well rounded, attractive and good-natured person.


veronica vs cheryl riverdale

One of the Riverdale’s sexiest moments hands down; it’s hard to beat Veronica and Cheryl’s incredibly seductive and racy dance-off. In fact, it’d be easier to just put down the Riverdale Vixens cheerleading squad, as nearly every cheerleader oozes sex appeal, in part thanks to Cheryl’s draconian discipline, but Veronica versus Cheryl gets top billing for multiple reasons.

Arguably the two hottest young women on the show (minus Josie of course), the pair had been at odds with one another since day one. Finally, in episode 10, the two characters come to a head. Veronica calls out Cheryl, challenging her for the right to lead the River Vixens. Cheryl takes Veronica’s challenge without missing a beat. From there, the two flaunt their moves, and bods, in sensational fashion. As the confrontation ends, the Vixens vote Veronica as the new head of state.



Nobody really thought Chuck was going to get away with humiliating scores of women, Veronica and Betty’s sister included, and writing each woman he dated down in a playbook. In one of Riverdale’s darker scenes, Betty and Veronica decide to punish the football star for his slut-shaming. Luring Chuck to Ethel’s house, another one of his victims, Veronica is found in nothing more than an incredibly appealing bathing suit.

Getting Chuck into a hot tub, Betty, or as she would later become know, “Dark” Betty, enters the fray, dressed to kill and showing off her, *ahem* assets in ways we never dreamed. Who would’ve thought that underneath the girl-next-door look she maintained that Betty would be sporting a fashion model physique? Needless to say the girls get their revenge, with Betty going dark, chaining up Chuck, pouring syrup on him and nearly drowning him, all while Veronica filmed the event.


jughead betty

In leading up to Riverdale’s final episode in season one, Jughead and Betty had been dating one another. Despite their quirks and Jughead being Jughead, they actually made for a pretty great pair. Yet despite the romance they shared, they’d never found the time to make it to the bedroom. Finally, as the episode is drawing to a close, it’s time to get it on.

With clothes being ripped off every which way, the two teens barely able to keep their wits about them, audiences could only watch with baited breath as events unfolded. While in another part of town, Veronica and Archie are consummating their relationship. Unfortunately for Jughead and Betty, their love-fest is interrupted by the Southside Serpents, the gang Jughead’s father ran with. With his dad gone, the gang recruits Jughead, introducing viewers to Bad Boy Jughead.

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