• 15 Star Wars Anthology Series Films We Need To See Made

    Now that we have all had a chance to digest “Rogue One” (some of us two or three times already), we’re are all champing at the bit for any scrap of “Episode VIII” news. For the last few days, we here at CBR have been debating what other movies in the "Star Wars Anthology" series we would like to see after the Han Solo instalment.

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    Therefore, we built a master list of films we think Lucasfilm should consider making that includes everything from the Yoda and Jabba the Hutt films that were rumored when Disney first acquired Lucasfilm, to the never-quite-confirmed Boba Fett movie that got sent back to the drawing board, to brand new ideas inspired by "Rogue One" and its success, to way out there fan theories we're willing to back!

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    Rogue Zero: A Jyn Erso Story

    Our title may be a joke, but the fact we want to see more of this style of Star Wars film is not. Shortly after “Rogue One” opened in theatres, it was revealed that Felicity Jones has a sequel option in her contract. That does not guarantee she will be back, but with the haul "Rogue One" is bringing in, we would think it's a given. So, does that mean she will just show up in another "Star Wars Anthology" film (like say the young Han Solo film for example), or could she be given the spotlight in a Jyn Erso standalone prequel?

    We think exploring her time with Saw Gerrera and his Partisans, explaining in further detail why Saw believed he needed to abandon her to fend for herself, and showing us what lead to her imprisonment at the start of “Rogue One” would be fertile ground for another great “boots on the ground” type of "Star Wars" movie.

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    X-Wing: Wraith Squadron

    The Wraiths, as they are commonly referred to, likely inspired the ragtag crew in “Rogue One” to some degree. Red Squadron pilot and Rebel legend Wedge Antilles put together this special unit that primarily consists of X-Wing wash-outs and misfits. They were unique among the Alliance because they were both a starfighter squadron and a commando unit. In other words, they were skilled pilots and ground troops that could handle a variety of mission types. Initially called Gray Squadron, they got the name "Wraith" due to their many covert operations.

    The exploits of this squad’s various iterations have been well documented in a ton of Expanded Universe novels, most of which were written by fan-favourite Star Wars author Aaron Allston.

    Fun fact: The ranks of the original Wraith Squadron include a Gamorrean pilot. Yep, just like the giant pig-like guards in “Return of the Jedi.” Now there is a character who should have been named Porkins!

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    Jabba the Hutt

    If the Jabba the Hutt has enough pull to influence politic affairs in an Empire run galaxy, that’s enough for us to want him in his own movie. Plus, there’s plenty of burning Hutt questions to answer, such as how does a species of giant sentient slugs take over the criminal underworld? Also, does Jabba keep bounty hunters on retainer or is his palace just like the Ibiza of the "Star Wars" universe? And if Hutt clans are like crime families, why is Ziro a part of Black Sun as well?

    Jabba and other Hutts like Ziro, Zorba, Gorga, and Durga have been explored in "The Clone Wars" series and also in a number of novels and comic mini series, but other than "The Clone Wars," everything is Expanded Universe and therefore, considered non-canon now. What is still considered part of the continuity is that Jabba had a son named Rotta who was rescued by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano in “The Clone Wars” feature-length movie. Where the heck did that rugrat ("slugrat?") get to? Imagine seeing Rotta as a sadistic teenage rich kid getting into trouble at the palace when his pops is off planet.

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    Force Unleashed

    This one is pretty straight forward. Just make a live action film that adapts the first game and make sure Sam Witwer reprises his role as Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller. Witwer not only did the voice and motion capture for Starkiller (aka Galen Marek) in both "Force Unleashed" games, but also he has voiced Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine in "The Clone Wars" and "Rebels" animated series, as well as in various video games.

    A movie would hopefully give us more on Galen's Jedi father, Kento, and their life on Kashyyyk together, as well as deeper insights into the other main characters from "Force Unleashed," like Shaak Ti, Rahm Kota, Maris Brood, PROXY, and Juno Eclipse. And naturally, Darth Vader would need to have a much bigger part than he did in "Rogue One." He is, for all intents and purpose, Galen's adoptive father in this story. Starkiller is supposed to represent what it would be like if Luke were raised by Vader, and that sounds like a "what if" story that would be spectacular on the big screen.

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    Luke's Jedi Academy / The Knights of Ren

    This would be cool to do as a duology that covers the creation of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy and then how it fell apart. To separate it from the Skywalker Saga ("Episodes I-XI"), it would be interesting to see these stories told from the perspective of one of Luke’s earliest students. If Disney wants to win back some of the fans who took it so hard when they labeled the Expanded Universe non-canon, this would be the perfect vehicle to include some of the EU’s most popular and enduring characters like Kyle Katarn, Corran Horn, and Jaden Korr.

    You couldn't do this story without having the secondary plot be about The Knights of Ren. And while I doubt Rian Johnson can pass up the chance to dig into the history of the Knights in "Episode VIII," I’m sure that will only bring up new questions to be answered. To be safe, we suggest the duology take a look at Snoke before he manages to take the Supreme Leader title, and training a promising student who would come before Kylo Ren. This student would (of course) try to betray him and consequently die in the third act of the first movie, leaving the apprentice position open for a certain member of the House of Solo.

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    George Lucas’ Underworld

    Sure, it has been a while since we heard anything about this, but I know I’m not the only one who was excited to hear George Lucas was watching "Sopranos," which inspired him to want to make a more adult-oriented "Star Wars" TV series. He had not only talked about the possibility, Lucasfilm had even plotted out a season of "Star Wars: Underworld" and had a bunch of episodes written.

    Unfortunately, budget concerns then delayed it and, when Disney bought Lucasfilm, the plug got pulled altogether. This is most likely because the tone does not really fit Disney's branding, but seeing as the project got so far into development, it would be a shame for it to sit on the shelf forever. We think they should bring in a talented story group to distill the best of what the original team came up with, and finally share this lost treasure with us as a single movie.

    We now wonder if Lucas watches other big-budget HBO shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Westworld" and curses the missed opportunity.

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    One Using a George Lucas Script

    When Kathleen Kennedy recently revealed the "Anthology" series movies had been George Lucas' idea, I think we all went, "hmmmm." While we have some idea of what route he might have gone with for "Episodes VII - IX," what did he have in mind as standalone films? Did he have any scripts started? Maybe even near completion? All I’m sure of is that George has caught too much flack over the prequels and I think it is time to give him, at the very least, scripting duties on another Star Wars film. He doesn’t have to be in charge and he doesn’t have to get the last say or final edit. Just let him tell a tale in the "Star Wars" galaxy again. Let's all remember he was a Oscar-nominated writer even before "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones."

    While we are talking about what we would like to see from Lucasfilm, we should mention we would get behind George Lucas being brought in to help expand the Indie universe. An "Indiana Jones" standalone focusing on Marion Ravenwood's adventures, anyone? Could be like "Tomb Raider" set in the 1940s.

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    Darth Plagueis

    The same way that "Rogue One" was a proper prequel that helped legitimize a lot of the happenings in “A New Hope,” this film could be a prequel to the prequel trilogy that helps legitimize “The Phantom Menace.” Even if a character is just briefly mentioned in a "Star Wars" film, fans want to know more and more. As for Plagueis, Darth Sidious (better known as Palpatine) brought up his former master in "Episode III" when he was trying to convince Anakin Skywalker that mastery of the dark side could save Padme Amidala from death.

    We all collectively thought "what kind of an evil so-and-so would you have to be for the Emperor to call you master?" Well, the novel written by James Luceno, "Star Wars: Darth Plagueis," that tells his backstory is now non-canon, but that doesn’t mean some of the better elements couldn’t be adapted for a standalone, especially anything that ties back to the wee bit of dialogue about Plagueis in “Revenge of the Sith.”

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    Dawn of the Jedi

    Who doesn’t want to see the birth of the Jedi and Sith Orders? The “Dawn of the Jedi” comic did a great job of establishing a starting point for the galaxy’s most prominent Force users. Writer John Ostrander took all the crumbs other creators had left in Expanded Universe novels, video games, and other comic series to piece together the story of how a group of sentient beings learned to manipulate the Force, and how inevitably they split due to a disagreement on how to use it.

    However, this entry is a long shot because they are probably going to get into the history of the Jedi to some extent through Luke's discussions with Rey during "Episode VIII," and director/writer Rian Johnson is not likely to borrow from an Expanded Universe comic series that was published by Darkhorse. That doesn’t stop us from wanting it, though. Bring on the Dark Side’s first disciples, the Rakata, Force Hound Xesh, and the Je’daii Rangers!

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    Jar Jar Binks

    Before you lose your mind over this entry, hear me out. Many have suggested wild theories about how Jar Jar Binks is the master manipulator and the real Sith behind the formation of the Empire. We love the idea! So how about a movie that recounts how Jar Jar learned the ways of the Sith and set-up Palpatine as a figurehead so he could rule from the shadows? The only Gungan anybody really likes, Captain Tarpals, would have to be in this film, and this version of the character could serve as Jar Jar’s ruthless head of intelligence.

    Alternatively, “The Clone Wars” animated series gave Binks the spotlight in a lot of episodes during the first four seasons. He even struck up an inter-species romance at one point. Some younger fans may definitely enjoy a film that picks up on these plot threads.

    On the other hand, a film where we see Jar Jar have the worst day ever and then set off on a holy mission of vengeance, a la "Falling Down," could be awesome too.

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    Ahsoka Tano

    When Ahsoka Tano was introduced as Anakin Skywalker’s padawan in “The Clone Wars” animated movie, many thought it was yet another misstep from the prequel trilogy era. However, within a single season she had won over fans' hearts and really came into her own. Most viewers expected that she would have to die by the end of the series, seeing as her close relationship with Anakin would logically mean she should have been in “Revenge of the Sith” and even, possibly, the original trilogy.

    Instead, Dave Filoni, the chief architect of “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels,” had always planned for her to leave the Jedi Order before the close of the Clone Wars. So, between her emotional exit in “The Clone Wars” and her triumphant return as part of the Rebel Alliance in “Rebels,” there is a lot of story to be told. And, yes, we just got a novel titled “Ahsoka” in October that fills in a bit of this tale, but Filoni has stated that she has a long history and we want more of it on the big screen.

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    Ever since we met this quirky little bugger in a swamp on Dagobah, we’ve all been intrigued. Then we saw this geriatric sensei perform acrobatic feats in the prequels during his fights against Count Dooku and Darth Sidious. More intrigued, we were then.

    We know he becomes one with the Force in "Empire Strikes Back" when he is around 900 years-old. Therefore, that is at least 800 years worth of adventures left to explore. At least one would be worthy of a standalone movie. If we are using the Expanded Universe timeline, he would have been born just after the time of Darth Bane, who started the Sith Rule of Two (which states that the entire Sith order consist of nothing more than one master and one apprentice). The EU also has Yoda being taught by a Hysalrian Jedi Master named N'Kata Del Gormo. We suggest using these two cool details to make something along the lines of "Batman Begins," like a "Yoda: Year One."

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    Knights of the Old Republic

    The 2006 “Knights of the Old Republic” video game by Bioware was so well realized, it garnered a a loyal and rabid fanbase. The game's plotline, which took place in an era thousands of years before the prequels, and was expanded upon in multiple comic book series, an RPG campaign guide, and follow up video games. The comics and games spawned a slew of new fan-favourite characters. For example, the original “KOTOR” game gave us Darth Revan, Darth Malak, and HK-47. Then, the second game, “The Sith Lords,” introduced the Sith Triumvirate made up of Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Darth Traya.

    The long running “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” comic series then added Jedis Zayne Carrick and Lucien Dray, Marn "Gryph" Heirogryph, and many more to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. We would be happy with any of these casts and storylines, but we admit that we may have a slight biased towards seeing Revan and Malak's lightsabers slicing through Mandalorians on the big screen.

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    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Everybody seems to want this movie, so you know that the people at Disney are listening. I mean, they are the first studio to gross $7 billion in a single year, so they are evidently listening keenly for what we want. It could be possible they're tied up with "Episode VIII," meaning they're busy getting ready to show us what Rey or Finn are doing to start the development of an Obi-Wan film.

    Regardless, “The Clone Wars” animated series has given us lot’s of Obi and Anakin stories to bridge the gap between "Episode II" and "Episode III," but now we would like either some Obi and Qui-Gon adventures (pre-Anakin), or better yet, a movie documenting what went down on Tatooine between the prequel and original trilogies. Last year, issue #7 of the "Star Wars" ongoing comic series was a fun Old Ben Kenobi one-shot. We think this issue should serve as the main inspiration for an Obi-Wan film.

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    Boba Fett

    Joe Johnston is the man responsible for Boba Fett’s initial design, and he has been pushing to direct a Fett film for years. He apparently pitched it to Lucas before the franchise was sold to Disney. Also, Johnston directed a well-received film about another jet-packed gentleman, "The Rocketeer," so we’re pretty sure that qualifies him to tackle a film focusing on on the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter. This would be the perfect film to explore the ins and outs of collecting bounties in the galaxy far, far away.

    It could flesh out the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, its history, and its code. It would be a no-brainer to include at least one or two of the other bounty hunters seen in “Empire Strikes Back." This would be a great opportunity to pilfer something from Dave Filoni’s toy box, because who doesn’t want to see a live action Cad Bane or Embo? They even almost showed a Boba Fett standalone teaser reel at Star Wars Celebration '15, so the Josh Trank-helmed movie was farther along than we all thought. Disney clearly wants this to happen. We want this to happen too.

    "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" opened in theaters December 16th. Let us know in the comments what films you are hoping Lucasfilm and Disney green light next.

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