15 Panels from 15 Comics


As I've been reorganizing and re-sorting and reading through parts of my comics collection recently, I keep coming across fun comics from the past worth mentioning.

So, this week, I'm presenting 15 panels from random comics I opened while toting longboxes around the house. Some take on new meanings from the past 20 years. Some are funny out of context. Some are just plain pretty.

X-Men Go To The Dogs

Pulling Faces

You Dig Me?

"Fantastic Four" Movie Cut Scene?

Steve Gerber, Double Entendre Master

OK, just one more "She-Hulk" panel:

Marvel Gives Me Double Vision

S.H.I.E.L.D. Audio

Chew On This

Flowers for Hulk

THE Batman

"Copperhead" and 80s PSAs

The Late, Lamented "Guarding the Globe"

L-Ron the Paranoid Android

Throwback Superman

Epic Backbreaker

One of my favorite all-too-short series in recent years at Image Comics was Raffaele Ienco's "Epic Kill." It was out there, violent, imaginative, and well-drawn. Ienco is so good he even managed to draw a brokeback pose from the front!

This is from issue #6 of that series.

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