The 15 Most MIND-BLOWING Wonder Woman Cosplays EVER

We're not sure if you've heard, but Wonder Woman is the BUSINESS. In its second weekend at the box office, it continued its historic lead, and it's safe to say the convention scene is going to be extra rife with Wonder Woman cosplay for the foreseeable future. That said, the most recognizable superheroine in comics has been popular for over 70 years at this point, so cosplayers are no stranger to her iconic outfit, bracelets, tiara and lasso. The fact that Wonder Woman had yet to be represented on the big screen didn't stop her legions of fans (both male and female) from dressing up as their favorite icon, and her longevity ensured that eventually people would start getting pretty creative with their interpretations.

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This list features 15 of the most jaw-dropping Wonder Woman re-imagined cosplays the internet had to offer. Some of them represent looks that have been featured in the DC canon, though out of the mainstream, and others are personal creations inspired by individual cultures, passions and tastes. Each one brings something truly unique to the Wonder Woman persona and allows us to see our favorite ass-kicking Amazonian in a different light, be it steampunk, pinup or body paint. Cheers to all the cosplayers for wearing their fanart on their sleeves for the rest of us to admire.


Fingers crossed that Atomic Wonder Woman makes an appearance at some point in the DCEU because DAY-UM. This nuclear dystopia version of Diana Prince appears in Turbine's "Infinite Crisis," the video game loosely based on DC's "Infinite Crisis" series. Meagan Marie's cosplay is accurate to a T, featuring all the costume hacks Wonder Woman clearly had to employ after the accidental nuclear holocaust that kicks off the game.

In a nod to the heroine's feminist roots, almost her entire outfit is pieced together from traditionally male items. Her skirt's made of cast-off neckties, her bustier is topped with a football bra and the Golden Lasso finds itself adorning a WICKED chainsaw on a stick named Aletheia, the Greek word for "truth." Our favorite part of this cosplay? Atomic Wonder Woman clearly does roller derby.

Cosplay - Meagan Marie, Photo - Martin Wong


If you saw this photo and thought, "Hey, there's ALREADY a steampunk Wonder Woman on this list! REFUND ME MY TIME, JERKS!" hang in for a second! This isn't just ANY steampunk Wonder Woman -- it's actually inspired by an iconic Tonner Wonder Woman Doll. Introduced as part of a 500 unit limited edition, it is predictably hard to find and expensive. But there are good reasons for that -- not only are Tonner Dolls highly sought after and widely-respected all over the world, this particular version of Wonder Woman is just plain dope.

So, if you can't buy one for $400 on E-Bay, cosplay next best thing. Apotheosis Cosplay captures the dolls design down to the minutest detail from the flared winged shoulders to the lace-up boots to the trademark steampunk bustier and goggles. Silver lining? The entire outfit probably costs less than the doll does now.

Cosplay - Apotheosis Cosplay, Photo - Glenn Rane



Okay, so while Wonder Woman and Boba Fett have pretty conflicting morals (he's a bounty hunter, she's... the opposite), this mashup between the two characters is still pretty exceptional. The next time Wonder Woman finds herself in space, she should really at least consider adding the helmet to her ensemble. The basis of the costume is more heavily Boba Fett, but the color scheme is obviously 100% Wonder Woman in all of her star-spangled glory.

And frankly, wouldn't it be cool if Boba Fett abandoned his mercenary ways and joined the ranks of the rebellion armed with a blaster AND some Bracelets of Submission? Or, even cooler, a DC/"Star Wars" crossover series featuring the unlikely pair on the same side á la Amalgam's "Bullets and Bracelets"? Honestly, sometimes our favorite part of mashup cosplay is the stories it inspires.

Cosplay - Alkali Layke, Photo - Spacetime Photography


There's a lot going on with this Day of the Dead/Wonder Woman cosplay modeled by a dude, but that's what makes it so f**king spectacular. Not only is it an awesomely gender-fluid presentation, the way the artist, Random_Avenger on Reddit, has incorporated DoD elements into the traditional Wonder Woman costume is nothing short of magnificent. There's gold boning on the classic bustier, roses around her headpiece and the Bracelets of Submission have been given some welcome flair.

This is all not to mention the classic face paint featured in all Day of the Dead costumes. Also, Latin culture is incredibly prevalent in American society, so giving Wonder Woman's costume -- a consummate representation of traditional Americana -- a Day of the Dead interpretation is hella fitting.

Artist - Random Avenger, Photo - SGH Photo Art



When it comes to WWII Wonder Woman, we like this cosplay by Jessica LG even better than the excellent Bombshell Wonder Women we've come across. There's still a healthy pinup influence, but also a militaristic one as seen in the bomber jacket, ammo belt, garrison cap and dog tags. The cosplay is a perfect blend of the classic Wonder Woman costume and the American military style of the time.

It's also kind of a great re-imagining of Wonder Woman's first costume period considering the character debuted in a WWII storyline, not WWI as the recent movie established. If the next Wonder Woman film jumps forward to the 1940s as some fans have speculated it might, here's hoping we get to see Diana Prince's fashion evolving a bit from Ancient Greek to Women's Army Corps.

Cosplay - Jessica LG


WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE DOING THIS? The minute we saw this Leia/Wonder Woman mashup, we realized some part of us wanted it all along -- the two are clearly cut from the same... cloth. Sorry, we couldn't resist. Jay Fife designed this outfit, and it makes so much sense when you think about it -- Princess Leia and Wonder Woman are clearly sisters from another mister.

They're both freedom fighters, they're both the smartest person in the room at all times, they're both rarely in need of rescue and they both know how to rock a metallic cuff. Granted, Leia was rocking her cuffs involuntarily, but that doesn't mean she didn't rock 'em just the same. But our favorite thing about this mashup is while we all love Leia in the Gold Bikini, it's nice to give it a more empowering interpretation.

Design - Jay Fife, Model - Hakuchan



If you find yourself driving through West Texas, maybe check your local listings to see if Celeste Martinez is performing a Wonder Woman drag routine nearby. The drag queen grew up on Lynda Carter's iconic version of Diana Prince, and grew up to emulate her in drag. It's pretty apropos when you think about it -- drag queens are bad bitches who are physically incapable of putting up with bullshit. Sound like someone we know? While the cosplay itself isn't the most insane of re-imaginings, Wonder Woman as drag queen is an awesome re-imagining of her persona.

Drag culture, while known for over-the-top glamour and performance, is also widely dedicated to inclusion and support for all lifestyles. Wonder Woman's mission to heal the wounds of humanity with love is pretty parallel to many principles in drag culture, and their intersection deserves to be celebrated.

Cosplay - Celeste Martinez 


Nothing like merging your two favorite interests into one killer cross-cultural mashup cosplay. PrizmKitty cuts a stunning (and seriously patriotic) figure waving a red, white and blue veil behind her as she sports a Wonder Woman-ified belly dancing outfit. Wonder Woman is an epitome of empowered sexuality, and re-imagining her as a belly dancer is a great way to manifest that ideal. It also calls back to the fact that while Wonder Woman's costume is quintessentially American, she's a protector of all humanity, regardless of culture or ethnicity. Well, not if you're a Nazi or something, but you get the picture. Conversely, what else is more American than merging old-world culture with new? Bottom line? Diana Prince approves this cosplay. Where's the Superman version, already?

Cosplay - PrizmKitty, Photo - Elemental Photography



Okay, so it's doubtful Diana Prince would ever find herself channeling Betty Draper and playing homemaker to Steve Trevor, BUT... if she did, she'd wear this. This re-imagining is genius in its simplicity. Cosplayer The Bird-The Bee is sporting red pumps with white detailing, a voluminous star-spangled skirt, gold belt (Belt of Truth, perhaps?) and some gold barrettes that serve as a toned down headpiece.

If Diana ever wanted to cosplay a deceptively demure version of herself at a BBQ in 1958, this is absolutely the outfit she would choose. And frankly, Wonder Woman's softer side is an important part of her personality -- it's her nature as a merciful and loving protector of humanity that makes her and other female superheroes like her so very compelling.

Cosplay - The Bird-TheBee, Photo - BELLA VOCE 


"Wonder Woman: Odyssey" was a reboot of the Wonder Woman franchise that featured a more modernized, less fish-out-of-water version of the Amazon. She didn't grow up on Themiscyra, but instead in a modern American city, so while she's still well-acquainted with her destiny, she's a little more street smart and less... conspicuously dressed than some of her other incarnations.

Cosplayer Y-O-S-S-I nails the new look that updated the Wonder Woman costume with a black leather jacket and matching pants, cuffs that are reminiscent of motorcycle gloves and a headpiece that's more headband than tiara. While "Odyssey" wasn't as well-received as DC would've liked, the look itself is still a provocative alt-version of an iconic character. That also means it's a cosplay deep cut, and ain't no street cred like cosplay street cred.

Cosplay - Y-O-S-S-I, Photo - Andy K



When Renaissance Faires and comics collide, there's bound to be some epically anachronistic cosplay. Take Janine K. Spendlove's Elizabethan take on JLA Wonder Woman. The silver lined sleeves hearken back to the Bracelets of Submission and the red skirt with white trim is homage to Wonder Woman's iconic boots. While she's slightly less equipped to do battle, she still cuts an impressive and intimidating figure. Plus, who knows what she's got hidden in those billowing skirts?

If this is your thing, you're in luck -- Spendlove's husband has a matching Superman Renaissance piece, and they're part of a Renaissance JLA cosplay group that's included Batman, Robin and Hawkgirl. Given the amount of steampunk teams that appear on the convention circuit, the Renaissance take on cosplay is both welcome and refreshing (even though it has to be murderously hot).

Cosplay - Janine K Spendlove


"DC Bombshells" sprang out of pinup art created for Wonder Woman and other female superheroes and, eventually, turned into its own series. In it, Wonder Woman and a cadre of female compatriots fight to protect humanity from the forces of evil during WWII (specifically massive douche-princess, Paula von Gunther). The interesting thing about this series starting as a series of pinups is that pinup duds are surprisingly practical for crime-fighting -- at least compared to what a lot of women were wearing in WWII.

Okay, the big, Texas hair and high-heeled boots aren't so much practical as super-awesome looking, but that's half the fun of cosplay, no? Fun Tip: that's not cosplayer Honeyboba's real hair. She used a wig, but gave it some height by putting her own hair in a bun and using it to give the wig that big, bouncy look.

Cosplay - HoneyBoba, Photo - Painscake Photos 



The steampunk movement is no stranger to cosplay mashups. Attend any big convention, and you're bound to stumble across full steampunk groups who've not only created retro-industrial versions of our favorite genre characters, sometimes traveling around in packs all cosplaying from the same universe. So, it's no surprise that Wonder Woman has gotten the steampunk treatment many, MANY times.

However, since the steampunk aesthetic also features Victorian clothing, a lot of the steampunk Diana Princes were effeminate to the point of being kind of impractical (corsets mixed with bustles do not an efficient superhero make). Not so for The Geeky Peacock. Her interpretation of a steampunk Wonder Woman DOES feature a bustier, but it also features leggings, boots and an awesome duster more befitting of a crime-fighter, regardless of era.

Cosplay - The Geeky Peacock, Photo - Debshots 


When it comes to cosplay, a surprisingly vibrant sub-community is body paint cosplay. A cursory search will open you up to a world of imagery that will have you doing double-takes at cosplayers decked out in literally the most form-fitting outfits money can buy. Roustan Body Paint in Los Angeles features a wide variety of body paint cosplay in their online portfolio -- everyone from Captain America to Aeon Flux is represented, and the group includes this awesome Zombie Wonder Woman.

We're not sure who came up with the idea to mashup Wonder Woman with the undead, but we're not mad at it. It works in a sad, creepy sort of way, and the artistry is absolutely magnificent. The Roustan website even features a video of model Kimberly Aikey doing a zombie walk outside of what appears to be an eerily deserted convention center.

Bodypaint/Design - Roustan Bodypaint, Model - Kimberly Aikey



Meagan Marie is a seasoned cosplayer, and Wonder Woman is one of her specialties. This particular cosplay is actually a mashup, but it's unique in that it's a mashup of two different Wonder Women. Marie and fellow designer Tess Fowler created Warrior Wonder Woman reminiscent of some of her appearances in Justice League of America and a Valkyrie Wonder Woman of Meagan and designer Tess Fowler's own creation.

She's decked out in fur, carries a battle axe instead of the Lasso of Truth and wears gladiator sandals instead of her trademark boots. In general, she looks ready to kick Ancient Greek, Viking and modern. Makes us wonder why we don't see more "Xena Warrior Princess"/"Wonder Woman" mashups -- replace that axe with a chakram and you'd be well on your way to uniting these two soul sisters in cosplay harmony.

Cosplay - Meagan Marie, Tess Fowler, Photo - Photographs Sans Frontieres

Which other Wonder Woman cosplays have you seen and instantly loved? Help our list grow by letting us know in the comments!


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