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The collectible world is an increasingly complex reality to get into, with so many various new companies cropping up everyday to release action figures, statues and collectibles of your favorite superhero characters. Plus, with a popularity that seems to be going nowhere but up thanks to movies, cartoons and video games, everyone's favorite superheroes are getting more and more time in the spotlight, resulting in many a product made in their very own image. It's a difficult territory to navigate, one made all the more challenging thanks to products whose quality are better and better, and consequently whose prices increase higher and higher.

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When it comes to stunning quality, the figures made by the Hot Toys company are near-unmatched. Specializing in figures based on popular movies, Hot Toys have earned a reputation for highly-detailed figures that bear uncanny resemblance to the actors who played these roles. Every year, new Hot Toys figures supplied by Sideshow Collectibles hit the shelves and every year, most of us are all left wanting as we gawk at them and curse at the skies for their price tags. Today, CBR takes a look back at the 15 most expensive, rarest and most amazing Hot Toys figures any fan of comics and movies would want as prized possessions in their collection.

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After the Guardians of the Galaxy movie took the cinematic world by storm, there weren't many people left out there who hadn't fallen in love with a little raccoon with an affinity for giant weaponry and a giant living tree who only spoke three words. As the breakout stars in a breakout movie, both Rocket Raccoon and Groot saw a great deal of merchandise made in their image.

But none even came close to this Hot Toys box-set that brings you this incredibly dynamic cosmic duo together in stunning display. With a Groot that is over 15 inches tall and a 6-inch Rocket that can be elegantly posed on top of his friend, this is a Hot Toys set that any big fan of the Guardians and the MCU as whole would be proud to own. They just need to be ready to pay North of $300 for it.



Back before the Suicide Squad film was released, this figure of the movie's version of the Joker was announced as an exclusive, and it is still available should anyone feel the need to pay the retail price of $265. It may not be the most expensive Hot Toys out there, but there is a solid chance that when it sells out, its value will spike.

Though this depicts a scene that was never actually seen in the movie, it appears it was only made by Hot Toys as an exclusive variant for diehard collectors, making it a hot ticket item. Falling well in the aesthetic tone of the movie, the figure's highly detailed approach to how Jared Leto's Joker would go about dressing up as Ben Affleck's Batman is fascinating, and it makes one wonder if there was any moment in time where such a scene was considered for the movie.



The first time he appeared, at the end of The Avengers, Thanos only got a few seconds of screen-time. And he merely smiled. It was enough to send fans of the character roaring into applause. Since then, we have only seen a little more of Thanos, mainly in Guardians of the Galaxy where we heard him speak, comfortably sitting on his massive space throne, an impressive scene that finally and properly introduced the Mad Titan.

It's a scene that is now immortalized in Hot Toys form. Currently sold out, this massive display of the Marvel villain was sold for $415, but its value will undoubtedly increase once Avengers: Infinity War comes around. It will be increasingly hard for any collector to get their hands on this impressive figure of a character, who is poised to become one of the biggest villains in the MCU.



Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy movie series was not the most lucrative one, but it definitely developed a very passionate fan-base, a cult-following that revered the aesthetic and the universe created in both films. Ron Perlman's take on Hellboy was excellent, embodying a good-natured demon from Hell with a penchant for chocolate bars and an undying love of cats.

The character proved extremely popular with fans; as such, the Hot Toys figure of Hellboy --  inspired by the sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army -- became one that was incredibly sought-after. Currently valued at somewhere around $400, this figure might be hard to find, and even harder to afford. But any fan of the Hellboy movies or comics knows that this is one worth saving up for.



Boba Fett has always been a popular character, ever since his first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Many toys and collectibles were made in his image, and Star Wars collectors are a breed of their own when it comes to owning any and all Star Wars merchandise. But for fans of the character, this Hot Toys figure would be akin to a crowning achievement.

A deluxe version featuring not your standard Hot Toys base but a highly-detailed Sarlacc Pit in its stead, this presentation gives collectors the opportunity to depict Boba Fett in all his flying glory. It also allows fans of the character to give their own twist on his infamous and maligned death scene. With this display, it sure looks like Boba Fett is giving the Sarlacc monster a run for his money. Oh, and speaking of money, this one is worth $470. A real bounty.



Heath Ledger's brilliant take on The Joker in Christopher Nolan's masterpiece of a movie The Dark Knight was one that was both iconic and character-defining. It propelled the Joker into a realm of popularity never seen before. It only makes sense then that, to fans of both Nolan's movies and the character, the Hot Toys Joker figure was highly sought-after.

The figure was so popular that not only did it sell out, it was also re-released as a deluxe version, even more detailed and pricey than ever. While it was released in 2013, the Joker still proved that there was life in his fandom by disappearing from the shelves. Now four years later, and this collectible is still the ultimate Joker figure valued at almost $500. Why so serious? Because many will surely be left wanting and disappointed at this whopping price.



The Dark Knight's Joker wasn't the only bright star of the Christopher Nolan movie. Christian Bale's turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman was also fantastic, and that, in turn, helped elevate the movie into the stratosphere of popularity. While there are many Batman toys and collectibles out there, you would be hard-pressed to find one more amazing that this one.

Originally sold for $625 and now sold out, this Hot Toys box-set not only gave you figures of Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, but also of Batman's very own armory, complete with Bat-suit and various accessories, weapons and gadgets, like they were all lifted straight from the screen. Simply put, this is the ultimate Batman set for any fan of the character. It just might be really hard to find.



After the Tumbler Batmobile and the Bat-pod motorcycle, viewers were wondering what else Christopher Nolan had up his sleeve for the third installment in his Batman franchise when it came to Bat-themed transportation. The answer, as it turned out, was the Bat, Nolan's own realistic take on the famous Batwing plane from Batman mythology.

Of course, Hot Toys didn't hesitate to get in on that Bat-goodness. Creating a model of the Bat in 1/12th scale, this breathtaking replica of the movie's vehicle also came with figures of Batman and Catwoman, all to scale -- meaning that they really do fit inside the cockpit. Originally sold for $780, any fan of The Dark Knight Trilogy knows in their heart that this piece is one they would give up their secret identity for.



Any Hot Toys collector knows how many Iron Man collectibles the company has made. Every one of his suits of armor has been made, some in more than one version, and new ones based on Iron Man 3's House Party Protocol are still being released and announced to this day. But this figure of Tony Stark's mark 42 armor is surely the most impressive one.

While most Hot Toys figures are 1/6 in scale, this deluxe version of Iron Man is actually much bigger, sitting at a quarter scale. Selling for $575, it also comes with a Stark workshop-inspired base and a mask that slides up to reveal Tony Stark's face. This is the Hot Toys figure to own if you want to show just how much of an Iron Man fan you really are. If you can afford it, that is.



To many, Luke Skywalker is the greatest of heroes, a Jedi who faced ultimate villainy in Darth Vader and the Emperor, and defeated them both by renouncing the dark and embracing the light. It's only natural then that Hot Toys made more than one version of the young Jedi. But none come close to this deluxe variant of Luke Skywalker in his Bespin outfit.

As seen in The Empire Strikes Back, this is the outfit that Luke Skywalker wore for his brutal showdown with Darth Vader, an epic scene that ended with the mother (of is it father?) of all revelations. An amazing figure that also comes with its own battle-damaged variant, this set quickly sold out, and almost doubled in value from its original 300$ price, making it an absolute must for the biggest Star Wars fans out there.



There have been many interpretations of the Batmobile, Batman's most famous mode of transportation, but Christopher Nolan's take on the car was a great departure from what had come before. Gone were the bat-themes, replaced instead by useful shielding and weaponry. This Batmobile was designed to live in the “real” world, a realistic interpretation of a famously unrealistic car.

Presented in 1/6th scale glory, this incredibly detailed replica of the Tumbler as seen in Batman Begins is simply amazing. Originally sold for $470 and now sold out, this Hot Toys Batmobile is now valued at around $640 on the secondary market. If you can catch up to it and afford it, this is one that would simply look amazing next to your Batman figure -- and your Bat armory display, complete with Bruce and Alfred.



If the Iron Man armor wasn't impressive enough, Tony Stark also designed a complex machine to allow him to put the suit on and off. As seen in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, the suit-up gantry was a hefty piece of machinery that only added awe to the intellect and ingenuity of Tony Stark. And so, after releasing quite a few Iron Man figures, Hot Toys went one step further and released their very own take on the suit-up gantry.

Originally sold with a 1/6 replica of the Iron Man Mark IV armor, this collectible would be a prized possession for any MCU fan. The details and display possibilities of the suit-up gantry make it one glorious exhibit piece, and the value of $880 would be well worth it. But then, you might have to be Tony Stark himself to afford it.



The ultimate friendship, the most iconic duo in cinematic history, Han Solo and Chewbacca have warmed their way into the hearts of Star Wars fans for generations. Ever since their first appearance in the original Star Wars movie, these two have been the unofficial face of the entire franchise. Many toys have been made in their likenesses, but this Hot Toys set is unlike any other.

Sold together for an original price of $480, this set is now worth somewhere around $700. Coming with all of their classic weaponry and accessories, these figures can be posed to recreate many scenes from one the most classic movies of all time. This, combined with amazing details, have made it a Star Wars collectible for the ages, one that fans, new and old, would simply love to have as the centerpiece of their collections.



As mentioned before, there are many Iron Man Hot Toys figures out there, and the Mark XLII quarter scale figure is one that anyone would love to have. But there is one other Iron Man figure that is even more impressive, one that deserves its very own gigantic place in the most epic of collections: the Hulkbuster suit, as seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Appropriately, this is one for the ages. Not only is it 21 inches tall, it is actually designed to hold inside it a regular Hot Toys Iron Man 1/6 figure, just like in the movie. That's how big this figure really is. With LED features and many points of articulation, the Hulkbuster would be one of the greatest pieces to own. And actually, you still can. It is currently in the pre-order stage. You'll just have to prepare for its $825 price tag.



Whether you prefer the usual 1/6 scale figures or the amazingly accurate quarter scale figures, we know that there would be room in any display -- or in this case, actual living room -- for a fully sized armored Batman in your home. As seen in Batman v. Superman, you could forgive anyone for actually thinking Ben Affleck was in your living room.

Reaching gargantuan heights of seven feet, this Hot Toys figure would likely be taller -- and bigger -- than most of your furniture. Not only do the eyes light up just like in the movie, so too does the figure's base. It was sold for the soul-crushing price of $8000 and yes, it actually did sell out. Even if it didn't, we doubt we could afford it, but it doesn't change the fact that this is the most amazing Hot Toys collectible we will never own. Cue sniffles and ugly crying.

Which Hot Toys figure would you most like to have in your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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