15 Great Power Rangers Teams (Besides Mighty Morphin')


During a July interview with The Huffington Post, Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston (who plays the team’s mentor, Zordon, in the reboot) called the film “as different a reimagining as the "Batman" television series as it became the "Batman" movie series.” While this is certainly the first reboot of the original series, it's worth noting that re-imaginings are an integral part of the Power Rangers franchise.

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Since the “Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers” premiered as a part of Fox Kids in 1993, there have been 19 different Power Rangers teams. They have wielded the power of dinosaurs and jungle animals, traveled throughout space and time, and battled demons, evil witches and high school bullies alike. Now that fans are anxiously awaiting 2017’s movie Rangers to get into action, let’s take a look back at 15 Power Rangers teams other than the “Mighty Morphin'” team we came to know and love in the ‘90s, presented in chronological order.

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15 Zeo Rangers: "Power Rangers Zeo” (1996)


After being turned into children by Master Vile (father of the Mighty Morphin' Rangers’ primary antagonist, Rita Repulsa, who will be played by Elizabeth Banks in the reboot), the Rangers recover the shattered pieces of the powerful Zeo Crystal to return things to normal in 1996’s “Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers” season. Now known as the Zeo Rangers, they are tasked with two major goals: rebuilding the Power Chamber (their base) after it was demolished by Rita’s henchmen and preventing robotic conquerors known as the Machine Empire from taking over the planet.

Oh, and there is also one more tiny problem: the Regenerator that Billy the Blue Ranger/teen science prodigy used to restore himself back to his normal age in “Alien Rangers” causes him to age at an accelerated rate. As a result, he’s unable to become the replacement Gold Ranger when the current one, Trey of the planet Triforia, needs to transfer his powers. Fortunately, the original Red Ranger, Jason, inherits the powers instead, while Billy heads off to the watery planet of Aquitar to be treated.

14 Turbo Rangers: “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie” and "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997)


Zordon first grants the team their Turbo powers in 1997’s “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie,” so that they can defeat Divatox, a space-travelling pirate seeking to marry the fiery demon, Maligore. Zeo's Blue Ranger, Rocky, is hurt while preparing for a martial arts tournament, so he sends a young boy named Justin Stewart in his place to become the new Blue Ranger. With his help, the Rangers are able to ruin Divatox’s nuptials and destroy Maligore. Divatox responds by plotting to take over the world and destroy Angel Grove, which begins the “Power Rangers Turbo” season.

Over the course of the season, the Rangers and a robot called the Blue Senturion (a.k.a. “Defender of Intergalactic Law”) fight Divatox together. In the process, Rangers Tanya, Tommy, Adam and Kat decide to pass their powers on to Ashley Hammond, Carlos Vallerte, T.J. Johnson and Cassie Chan. The new incarnation of the team is later joined by the mysterious Phantom Ranger, who later gives them a set of Rescue Zords.

Zordon eventually decides to return to his home planet of Eltar with his robot sidekick, Alpha 5. He leaves Divatox’s surprisingly level-headed sister, Dimitria, to mentor the Rangers with the help of Alpha 6, but Divatox manages to destroy the Power Chamber and Zordon is kidnapped by the leader of the United Alliance of Evil, Dark Specter.

13 Space Rangers: "Power Rangers In Space" (1998)


Rangers T.J., Cassie, Carlos and Ashley head to outer space to save Zordon. They meet a Red Ranger named Andros from space colony KO-35 who gives them powers and they team up with him to become the Space Rangers after he gives them new morphers (the devices that let Power Rangers transform). They later run into the Phantom Ranger, which sets off a series of adventures that lets them discover the Delta Megazord and the Mega Voyager, which can be turned into another Megazord. Later in the season, we're introduced to Zhane, the Silver Ranger, who was healing from previous battle wounds in a cryogenic chamber. Later still, Andros discovers that Astronema is actually his long-lost sister, Karone, who was kidnapped years ago and turned evil by the bounty hunter, Darkonda.

This season is famous among fans because of its epic battle at the end of the series in which all of their Zords are destroyed and the death of Zordon. On the brink of defeat, Andros is forced to destroy the tube that contains Zordon’s essence in it, which sends a rush of energy throughout the entire universe that destroys the United Alliance of Evil and turns Astronema back into Karone, who decides to return to Earth with the Rangers.

12 Time Force Rangers: "Power Rangers Time Force" (2001)


In the year 3000, Alex’s Time Force unit (Lucas Kendall, Katie Walker, Jen Scotts and Trip) is tasked with taking the evil mutant Ransik to their cryo-prison, but his daughter, Nadira, and a robot named Frax free him. Alex interferes and is badly hurt during the fight, allowing Ransik to escape to the past with his daughter, Frax and a group of frozen criminals in tow.

Too injured to time travel, Alex sends the rest of his team after Ransik. With a set of Chrono Morphers and a Time Ship, they travel back to 2001, but soon discover that their morphers will not work unless there is someone with Alex’s DNA who can use the Red Chrono Morpher. Luckily, they meet Alex’s ancestor, Wes Collins, who agrees to become the Red Ranger. They are later joined by his rival who becomes the Quantum Ranger after finding a prototype morpher that was previously lost in time.

Ransik and his daughter are formidable opponents, but things change when Nadira helps deliver a baby, causing her to rethink her anti-human stance. When she is later hurt during a battle, her father realizes that he, too, wants to stop the violence and surrenders to the Time Force, so the crew returns to the year 3000, leaving Wes to head up his father’s Silver Guardians security team.

11 Wild Force Rangers: "Power Rangers Wild Force" (2002)


Earth-threatening pollution unleashes Master Org and his minions, evil destroyers that were trapped deep within the Earth 3000 years ago by a group of five, Crystal Saber-wielding warriors. The Orgs had tried to ruin the land of Animaria, so the warriors used their sabers to lift the land into the sky and defeated the Org using Wild Zords that were eventually lost. Knowing that the Org threat might one day return even after the warriors defeated them, Princess Shayla stayed on the island in a deep slumber, with five more Wild Zords ready to be used to fight against the Orgs if they were ever needed again.

Modern-day pollution weakens the Orgs' prison and they escape. This awakens the Wild Zords and Princess Shayla, so the Zords begin to select new champions to protect the Earth: an Air Force fighter pilot Taylor, a young kid with a sense of humor named Max, a college student named Alyssa, a florist named Danny, and a young man from the jungle named Cole. Over time, they discover the ancient warriors’ lost Zords, as well as new Wild Zords who appear to them along the way. This series also featured an anniversary crossover involving every Red Ranger ever.

10 Ninja Rangers: "Power Rangers Ninja Storm" (2003)


Three poorly skilled Wild Ninja Academy students - Shane, Dustin and Tori - are forced to become the Wind Rangers after an evil ninja master named Lothor attacks their academy and captures all of the other students. They escape with their sensei and his son, Cam, heading to the hidden Ninja Ops where they are given their morphers and tasked with protecting their city from Lothor.

The Wind Rangers occasionally partner up with the Thunder Rangers, brothers Blake and Hunter, who are members of another ninja academy. The brothers initially believed the Wind Rangers’ sensei to be responsible for the deaths of their parents, but learn the truth after their parents’ spirits pay them a visit and explain that Lothor was actually the culprit. The two teams come together to form the Thunderstorm Megazord and battle against Lothor. Cam later acquires the Green Samurai Ranger powers and joins them in their fights.

Things come to a head when Lothor tries to open the Abyss of Evil and steals the Rangers' powers. However, they are able to use their martial arts skills to throw Lothor into the very abyss that he’d worked to open. The enemy defeated, the powerless Rangers go back to their everyday lives.

9 Dino Rangers: "Power Rangers Dino Thunder" (2004)


The original Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, is now an accomplished scientist who finds himself teaching at Reefside High after his partner, Anton Mercer, went missing and his lab was destroyed by the evil Mesogog. Tommy decides to take some students (gamer Ethan, soccer-playing Conner and musician Kira) to a museum. The kids stumble upon a hidden lab where they discover the Dino Gems, which give them superpowers. When Tommy realizes that Mesogog has come back, he convinces the teens to become Power Rangers in order to defeat the villain with the help of their powers and a group of dinosaur DNA-infused robots called Dinozords.

Another Dino Gem is discovered and, when the teens learn of Tommy’s Power Ranger past, they convince him to become the new Black Power Ranger and lead the team. Unfortunately for Tommy, he learns that Mesogog is none other than his missing partner, Anton Mercer, who transformed after a botched experiment. Anton’s adoptive son, Trent, finds a corrupted Dino Gem, turns into the evil White Ranger and joins Mesogog’s army. Anton, after seeing his son’s transformation, resists his inner dark side and rids Trent of evil. Now the true White Ranger, Trent teams up with the Power Rangers to help save his father.

8 S.P.D. Rangers: "Power Rangers S.P.D." (2005)


Set in the year 2025, when aliens from around the universe are now welcome to live on Earth, “Power Rangers S.P.D.” follows a group of students from the Space Patrol Delta Academy, a school led by Commander Cruger that exists to train new Power Rangers to fight Emperor Gruumm and his evil Troobian Empire. A-Squad, the elite S.P.D. Power Ranger team, is captured in battle, so Cruger has to enlist the B-Squad’s help as their replacement defenders of Earth.

B-Squad consists of Bridge Carson, Sky Tate and Syd Drew, who are later joined by two inexperienced Rangers who grew up on the streets, Z Delgado and Jack Landors. The Rangers struggle to work as a team initially, but later learn that each of their parents once worked for the S.P.D. (in fact, Sky Tate's father is revealed to have been the very first S.P.D. Red Ranger) and they all have special powers. The team is later joined by the time-travelling Sam, a boy they rescued earlier in the season, who in their future grows up to become the powerful Omega Ranger.

Eventually, Gruumm leads a direct assault on S.P.D. headquarters, but the united team manages to defeat him in a spectacular battle.

7 Mystic Rangers: "Power Rangers Mystic Force" (2006)


Banished to the Underworld for 20 years, the evil Morticon and his undead army are set free after an earthquake hits the city of Briarwood, breaking the magical seal that entrapped them and turning Leanbow, the wizard who first created it, into Koragg, the evil Knight Wolf.

Fearful of the threat they posed to both humans and the magical world, Leanbow’s wife, the sorceress Udonna, recruits five teenagers -- Chip Thorn, Xander Bly, newcomer Nick Russell, and Madison and Vida Rocca -- to become the Mystic Rangers. Aided by Udonna and her apprentice Clare, the knight Daggeron and his genie Jenji, and eventually Leanbow, the Rangers use their martial arts skills and whatever magical tools are at their disposal to fight Morticon and keep both realms safe.

This series also saw the return of Rita Repulsa in a minor role, who had been turned into the Mystic Mother years ago by Zordon's energy wave. The Mystic Mother was revealed to be a high-ranking good witch.

6 Jungle Fury Rangers: "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" (2008)


The Pai Zhua (“The Order of the Claw”), a secret Kung Fu sect, has been tasked with keeping the world safe from an evil spirit called Dai Shi for almost 10,000 years. The Order’s lead, Master Mao, chooses young members Lily, Theo and Jarrod to guard the vessel holding Dai Shi’s spirit, but Jarrod was soon deemed unfit for the task, and was replaced by an inexperienced member named Casey Rhodes. Furious at being removed from his position, Jarrod attacks Master Mao, breaking the vessel in the process. Dai Shi possesses Jarrod’s body, promptly kills Master Mao and sets about his plan to take over Earth with the help of his servant, Camille, and his silent army of Rinshi soldiers.

The three remaining Order members head to Ocean Bluff to seek out their new master, RJ, the chef-owner of the Jungle Karma Pizza restaurant, who gives them their Jungle Ranger powers, Casey being the Red Ranger, Lily the Yellow Ranger, and Theo the Blue. Initially, RJ is strictly their trainer, but he later joins the team as the Wolf Ranger. RJ’s former classmate, Dominic, eventually becomes the Rhino Ranger.

5 RPM Ranger Operators: "Power Rangers RPM" (2009)


In the 17th season of “Power Rangers,” the world’s computers are taken over by an advanced, artificially intelligent computer virus called Venjix. Venjix, with Tenaya 7 and his battalion of “Grinder” droids beneath him, decimate the human race, killing most and enslaving others. The remaining humans seek shelter in Corinth, a city surrounded by a force field that protects them from the toxic atmosphere surrounding it. Meanwhile, the virus’s creator, scientist Doctor K, assembles the RPM Ranger Operators to help stop the damage she inadvertently wrought. The group is made up of Summer Landsdown, Scott Truman, Flynn McAllistair, Ziggy Grover and the cyborg, Subject D-44, who goes by the nickname Dillon. The team eventually discovers the one-thought-dead Gem and Gemma, the Gold and Silver Rangers, whose morphers were the prototypes for the Ranger Operator series.

Fun fact: it is later revealed in a two-part crossover special with “Power Rangers Samurai,” titled “Clash of the Red Rangers,” that the events of “RPM” take place in alternate universe.

4 Samurai Rangers: "Power Rangers Samurai" (2011) and “Super Samurai” (2012)


Master Xandred and his army of Nighlok monsters seek to end the world by flooding the entire planet with water from the Netherworld’s Sanzu River. To stop him, Mentor Ji of the Shiba Samurai clan, trains five young people -- Pink Ranger Mia, Green Ranger Mike, Yellow Ranger Emily, Red Ranger Jayden and Blue Ranger Kevin -- in the hopes that they can defeat the Nighloks using the “Samurai Symbols of Power,” mystical tools that grant them the elemental powers of Fire, Earth, Water, Sky, Forest and Light.

They become the Samurai Power Rangers, and are eventually joined by Jayden’s old friend, Antonio, who becomes the Gold Ranger and later helps them to become Super Samurai. The team also encounters Jayden's sister, Lauren, the original Red Samurai Ranger, but she lets Jayden retain his role as leader of the team. With help from the wise Mentor Ji, the Symbols of Power and their animal Zords, the Samurai Rangers are able to defeat Xandred.

3 Megaforce Rangers: "Power Rangers Megaforce" (2013) and “Super Megaforce” (2014)


This season circles back to the show’s “Mighty Morphin” roots, as Zordon’s pupil, Gosei, and his trusty robot helper, Tensou, recruit teens Noah Carver, Troy Burros, Emma Goodall, Jake Holling, and Gia Moran to stop the invading Warstar Empire from (once again) taking over the planet. They become the Megaforce Power Rangers with supreme martial arts and combat skills, and later help the Robo Knight battle the Toxic Mutants.

When the Warstar Empire begins to ramp up its evil efforts in the second season, Gosei upgrades the Rangers powers, sending them into Super Mega Mode, which grants them the ability to use the powers of all of the previous Ranger teams. As a result, the season features several cameos from old “Power Rangers” characters, including Jungle Fury, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, Samurai and Operation Overdrive Rangers, who appear to help the Megaforce Rangers defeat the evil X-Borgs from Emperor Mavro’s Armada. They are also joined by Orion, an alien who is the Silver Megaforce Ranger.

The second series marked the 20th anniversary of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," so it ended with every single Power Ranger to have ever appeared on TV joining the Megaforce Rangers for a single, massively epic fight scene.

2 Dino Charge Rangers: "Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015) and "Super Dino Charge" (2016)


The story begins 65 million years ago with a dinosaur-like alien named Keeper who is fleeing a space bounty hunter named Sledge. Sledge is trying to steal 10 powerful Energems from Keeper in order to take over the universe, but Keeper manages to avoid him by crashing onto Earth, where he gives the gems to a group of dinosaurs and then uses a bomb to trap Sledge’s ship in deep space. The bad news is that Keeper’s bomb sets off a chain reaction that causes several asteroids to crash into Earth, causing the dinosaurs to go extinct.

In present times, an archaeologist unearths Keeper and begins to search for the Energems, but five of them have already been discovered by a group of teens who have used them to become the Dino Charge Power Rangers. The team consists of the Red Ranger Tyler, the leader whose father vanished during an archaeological dig; the Pink Ranger Shelby, the group’s resident dino expert; the Blue Ranger Koda, a Cro-Magnon caveman who discovered his Energem eons before the events of the show and remained in suspended animation for years; the Black Ranger Chase, a calm and sophisticated kid from New Zealand; and the Green Ranger Riley, the group’s most skilled swordsman and youngest member of the team.

1 Ninja Steel Rangers: "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" (2017)


Next year’s movie isn’t the only new addition to the “Power Rangers” franchise. According to a synopsis from Nickelodeon, the Ninja Steel Rangers will be tasked with protecting a powerful artifact called the Spirit Crystal from their latest antagonist, Zircon. The winner of the most popular game show in the universe, Zircon wants to use the six magical Ninja Power Throwing Stars within the Crystal in order to become unstoppable. To defeat Zircon and his army of contestants (you read that right), the Rangers will have to become skilled with Zords, Megazords, throwing stars and, of course, “ninja steel.”

The team is set to star teens Brody, Preston, Calvin, Hayley, and Sarah as the Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink Ninja Steel Rangers. As with most "Power Rangers" shows, a sixth Ranger will join them later on in the series. This one is scheduled to be a Gold Ninja Steel Ranger.

Which other Power Ranger teams should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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