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15 Arrowverse Cosplays That Are Better Than What’s On Screen

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15 Arrowverse Cosplays That Are Better Than What’s On Screen

The CW has done a lot of work to provide excellent costumes for their superhero shows. On the one hand, we have fantastic suits like Green Arrow, Firestorm and Supergirl. On the other hand, they aren’t perfect, and that can lead to some lackluster designs like what we saw with Red Tornado and the Atom. While they aren’t the worst costumes ever put on the big or small screen, there is still room for improvement. Luckily, there are plenty of passionate comic book fans in the world who take to their own devices to replicate and better these aforementioned costumes.

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As you know by the title of this piece, we’ve gone through numerous cosplays and taken out some that we personally feel are the best. Not only are they great in and of themselves, but we also think that they improve on the original designs seen in the respective TV shows. Once again, the fans have proven that, when having a proper understanding of the source material, they can outdo the official production teams (just look at some of the numerous fan films that are out there). Still skeptical? You won’t be after you see these 15 Arrowverse cosplays that are better than what’s on screen.


Sara Lance had a big arc in the Arrowverse. After being seemingly dead when the Queen’s Gambit shipwrecked, she later proved to be alive and went off on her own to train with the League of Assassins. She later returned to Star City to take on the mantle of the Canary, before being slain by Malcolm Merlyn. She was brought back, and with her resurrection, also took a new identity: White Canary.

With this new name, she was given a new costume to go with it. The suit itself isn’t bad, but not without its awkward design choices. Thankfully, we have cosplayers like Marta Petrini to get the job done. Not only does the suit look perfectly white, but it feels much more complete in the long run.


Out of all of the characters from the Flash universe to appear on the show, Black Flash was not the first one we thought would make it in. Nonetheless, we’re glad that he showed up. After Zoom was stolen away by the Time Wraiths, he was transformed by the Speed Force into a monster who punished those who tried to manipulate time.

The Black Flash appropriately has a frightening design, but to see it replicated in real life with entirely practical effects is the stuff nightmares are made of. BNE1 knew what they were doing when putting this suit together, as it perfectly contrasts the tortured flesh of the Black Flash as well as the dark tones of the costume. A cosplay worthy of the Black Flash name, indeed.


After it was revealed that Caitlin Snow would be a mainstay on The Flash, audiences wondered if we would ever see her turn into her comic book alter ego — Killer Frost. Finally, in season three, we got to see the Earth-1 representation of the villain as Caitlin gained ice powers and let them consume her, creating a Jekyll/Hyde type of persona.

Her costume is on point, but we have to give props to Koi Fish Asylum for creating this enhanced version of the suit. Many of the white and blue tones are still present, but the eye makeup and other finishing touches add just a little bit more to an already excellent suit. If she appeared on The Flash in place of Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost, we’re not sure we could tell the difference.


Legends of Tomorrow follows the adventures of a group of universe-hopping characters from all across the CW. Two of the more popular ones are Sara Lance, the original Black Canary and now known as White Canary, and Leonard Snart, the former Flash rogue known as Captain Cold. Here we have both characters ready for action, but with a twist.

Brandishing a pair of hand guns (sorry, no cold gun for Captain Cold), this genderbending version of Captain Cold is cosplayer kgimv and is joined by fellow cosplayer koshka_kimmy as the Black Canary version of Sara Lance. While we do like Sarah’s White Canary look (as evidenced earlier), we do miss the original Black Canary, and now we can relive the good old days thanks to this fabolous pair of cosplayers.


Of all of the suits in the Arrowverse, the one for the Atom is one of our least favorite. Not only is it a far cry from how Ray Palmer was represented in the comics, but it was also referred to as a poor man’s Iron Man. After seeing the suit on both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, we’d have to agree.

Because of this, there was a lot of room for improvement, and Daniel Hague was up to the task. Not only is this design much slimmer, it doesn’t seem as unnecessarily busy as its official counterpart. The helmet is also a little more streamlined with the tinted visor. It, in our opinion, completes the entire look and helps to improve on a suit that wasn’t very excellent to start with.


Supergirl originally aired on CBS before moving to the CW and we feel it was the best move for the show. Becoming part of the Arrowverse (or an alternate world within the Arrowverse at least), was a huge move for the show and it seems to have paid of nicely with the character able to help the rest of the heroes during big crossover events. While we have almost zero problems with Melissa Benoist’s costume, we do appreciate a good tribute when we see one.

Cosplayer captainkayceecosplay does Supergirl justice with this incredible suit of Superman’s cousin, Kara. The intimidating pose definitely helps her pull off the superhero look, and we think Melissa Benoist would be more than proud of this rendition of the character she plays in the Arrowverse.


Barry Allen was the second major character to appear in the Arrowverse. First coming to the forefront in Star City to help with a murder, a freak accident resulted in the CSI to gain a connection to the Speed Force and become the Fastest Man Alive (until he fights a new villain every season, that is).

The costume is appropriately simple, both harkening back to the comic version of the character while adding something new to the table. However, we have to give credit to pheelgoodcosplay for his amazing suit. It’s nearly identical to the one seen in the show, and it really does the look in The Flash justiceIf we ran into this guy at a comic con, we’d probably stop to get a picture.


As Oliver Queen expanded his crusade in Arrow, we only knew that it was a matter of time before the Black Canary would join the ranks of the show. Whether she’ll be a permanent love interest for the Emerald Archer remains to be seen, but they’ve got a woman in the suit that is powerful and ready to take action.

In terms of the cosplayer (a woman appropriately named Laurel), she knows exactly what it means to be the Black Canary. She not only has the suit down to the T, but the attitude to go along with it. Black Canary is a tough chick decked out in leather, and this cosplayer takes that to a perfect level, and we love it. If you pay attention, she even has the little sonic device around her neck that Laurel Lance used in the show.


Another side character in The Flash is Cisco Ramon, a man that comic fans know as the hero known as Vibe. Cisco showcased some useful powers in the first two seasons, but really came into his own as a hero when the third season rolled around. As such, he needed a costume to go with it.

Thankfully, the artists imagined a more colorful design for Vibe’s costume, and while it works well in the show, tha_los takes it to a whole new level. Not only does he resemble Carlos Valdes, but the red, black, and yellow colors of this costume go a long way to stand out. There are primary colors here and nothing seems too eye-popping. Once again, this is a design that we would easily mistake for the original (we had to do a double take before selecting it).


The Green Arrow has gone through several different costume changes over the years, and all of them have been pretty spot on. When it comes to cosplayers, they have their pick of which version they want to replicate, and that leads to different results. The best Green Arrow cosplayers know exactly which iteration they want and go for it.

Josh Powell knew exactly what he was going for when he put together his own Green Arrow suit. Not only could we see it fitting well in the show, even the facial hair more accurately represents the character from the comics. We also love the bright green ends of the arrows that contrast nicely with the darker colors of the suit. CW artists, please take note.


Out of all of the characters in the Arrowverse, we never thought that Firestorm would have one of the best costumes (at least for his appearance in Legends of Tomorrow). It features a design that was almost completely ripped right out of the New 52, and we love every inch of it.

This costume was perfectly replicated by dewill_cosplay, and his take on it makes the entire thing pop much more. The CW shows are mostly shot in darker lighting, which means that many of these costumes don’t stand out. That’s not the case for this cosplay, as it heightens everything we love about the Firestorm character while still making it an entirely new take.


Mari McCabe comes from a long line of people who wore the Tantu Totem — an amulet that gives its wearer the power of every creature in the animal kingdom. She vowed to protect the people of her tribe while still going to the big city to help out other heroes in the Justice League, taking on the name Vixen.

Two versions of Vixen appeared in the Arrowverse, one in the present day in Arrow (who has her own animated show, called Vixen) and another from the past in Legends of Tomorrow. Each of them has had slightly different costumes, and while we can’t pick a favorite between the two of them, we definitely favor the one from Sun_z. The bright orange with the black stripes and pants compliment each other very well.


The Reverse-Flash was a very worthy threat to Barry Allen and his crew, and one of the best things about him was that killer costume. The reveal of the Reverse-Flash’s identity was eventually a bit of a mess (and sort of a letdown) but the threat that Eobard Thawne posed throughout the season changed Barry Allen forever.

Cosplayer the_man_of_silva has got the Reverse-Flash’s outfit locked down. One look at his Instagram page and you can see that he’s a huge fan of all things comics, and he’s cosplayed as several different characters. His Reverse-Flash really stands out and the addition of the red lightning and eyes really brings the terror home — if we ever ran into him at a con we’d try and outrun him, and most likely fail.


If you bring on some powerful enemies in your time, expect to go face to face with Slade Wilson at some point. Becoming one of the best assassins the world, Slade took the name of Deathstroke the Terminator to bring down anyone who he was hired to kill. In the Arrowverse, he was an old comrade of Oliver’s who later became insane and turned into a villain.

Deathstroke has one of the best costumes in the entire Arrowverse, and there’s not much that one can do to improve on it. ThatDorkMike decided to tackle the master assassin himself, and we love the entire look that he was able to put together. The detail on the armor really helps bring the costume to life and all of the equipment strapped to his body completes it.


We already covered a cosplay of Laurel Lance, but this combination from Alina Orihara as Speedy and vinakula as Black Canary deserves another spotlight. While these characters weren’t the most beloved of the bunch in the show, there’s no denying that their costumes were pretty spot on in the context of the Arrowverse.

The representation of these two in this cosplay is fantastic. There isn’t much to say about Black Canary (anything that could be said has already been said), but the Speedy design is on point. The gradient costume from red to black is pleasing to the eye, and the cosplayer even goes the extra mile to get the hair right, from the cut to the color. We could easily see these two guarding the rooftops of Star City.

Are there any other Arrowverse cosplays that should’ve made this list? Let us know in the comments!

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