120,000-brick LEGO Erebor will tower over any Hobbit (or Dwarf)

It took LEGO enthusiast Michał Kaźmierczak seven months and 55,000 bricks to create a replica of the iconic gates to the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor from The Hobbit. It was a massive undertaking that would've satisfied most any hobbyist. But not Kaźmierczak.

No, the super-builder decided to take on the interior, too. Now, months (again) later, it's complete -- standing 7 feet tall, stretching 6 feet wide and consuming more than 120,000 bricks total. And it weighs a whopping 286 pounds.

Kaźmierczak's hope now is to find someone with a camera who'd like to use LEGO Erebor to make a movie.

(via Nerd Approved, Gizmodo)

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