11-year-old argues for more female superheroes, and DC agrees

Eleven-year-old Rowan has the same complaint that a lot of fans do -- that there simply aren't enough comics, movies and toys featuring female superheroes. So she wrote a letter to DC Comics, saying, "Please do something about this. Girls read comics too and they care."

Today, DC answered.

The letter, posted Wednesday this week on the blog of family friend David M. Perry, garnered a lot of attention on Twitter. "I love superheroes and have been reading comics and watching superhero cartoons and movies since I was very young," Rowan writes. "I’m a girl, and I’m upset because there aren’t very many girl superheroes or movies and comics from DC."

The goes on to point out the disparity between the number of toys based on male heroes and those based on female heroes, not to mention the lack of a Wonder Woman television series. "Marvel Comics made a movie about a talking tree and raccoon awesome," she notes, "but you haven’t made a movie with Wonder Woman."

This afternoon, DC turned to Twitter to reply: "Thanks Rowan. We agree, we’re working hard to create more superhero fun for girls! Yes Rowan, girls read comics too! Wonder Woman movie & Supergirl TV both in the works, with more exciting girl power announcements soon!"

Perry pointed out on his blog, before DC responded, that he's aware there's a Wonder Woman movie scheduled for release in 2017. However, "Rowan will be 13 by the time she gets to see her first movie with a female lead."

You can read a full transcription of Rowan's letter on Perry's blog.

Please RT: An 11 year old girl writes to @DCComics - Girls read comics too, and they care. http://t.co/P6fhuHPDYa pic.twitter.com/gxqUDGlEBm

— David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) January 28, 2015

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