11 New "The Walking Dead" Photos Tease Negan & Lucille's Victim

AMC has released eleven new images teasing Negan and Lucille's possible victim from the chilling "The Walking Dead" Season 6 cliffhanger.

Characters in the promo images include Aaron, Rosita, Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Lincoln, Glenn, Eugene, Daryl, Carl and Sasha. According to producer and makeup supervisor Greg Nicotero, the death will be revealed in the first episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 7, airing in October.

Nicotero recently indicated that "The Walking Dead" Season 7 will introduce new characters, in addition to exploring the larger world that the series inhabits. "We're really going to get a great sense of a larger world and what these different communities are like, who the people are that are there and what they have to offer, so for us, it's very exciting."

"The Walking Dead" returns Sundays this fall on AMC.

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