10th Muse, Demonslayer Pair Up in First Avatar/Image Crossover

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[Demonslayer/10th Muse]Demonslayer and Alan Moore's Glory artist Marat Mychaels adds another high-profile project to his schedule with the announcement of 10th Muse / Demonslayer, the first official crossover involving Avatar Press and Image. The face off between the TidalWave Studios Rena Mero-inspired character and Mychaels' popular Demonslayer will be released as a full color one-shot with issue 1/2 prelude written by RobertLugibihl, drawn by Mychaels, and featuring Robert Jones inksand Nimbus colors (both also of Alan Moore's Glory). 10thMuse / Demonslayer is scheduled to ship in April from AvatarPress.

"I love Marat's artwork," says Playboy magazine star and former WWF champ Rena Mero. "He did a great job with my character the Muse. I can't wait to see more." Mero's involvement with the 10th Muse character she inspired has helped make that title one of the most successful new comic launches in recent memory, with the debut issue weighing in at 6th on Diamond's monthly sales charts, and her continued participation has brought the title a substantial audience outside of the traditional comics market as well.

"Getting involved in a project with the lovely Ms Mero would have been the only reason I needed to green-light this crossover," laughs Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen. "But there are a number of other elements that are going to make this a great book for fans of both 10th Muse and Demonslayer. Marat Mychaels, Robert Jones, and Nimbus Studios have been working together for several months on Alan Moore's Glory and everybody on that team is hitting on all cylinders creatively, as Glory readers know."

"It's also cool to be doing a crossover with an Image book after all this time," notes Christensen. "Although Avatar has published a number of titles that Image has also published, this is the first actual Image/Avatar crossover. Working with Darren Davis and TidalWave has resulted in aproject that's going to please comic fans as well as Rena'slegion of fans outside of comics."

"This is the first crossover we have done with another company," explains TidalWave Studios editor-in-chief Darren Davis. "I am looking forward to sharing the Muse with another fanbase at Avatar. I think DemonSlayer is a cool concept and cant wait to see her interact with the Muse. From what I have seen so far, the production value on these books are top notch."

"I've been a big fan of Rena Mero, so naturally working on a Demonslayer crossover with 10th Muse is something I jumped at the chance to do," adds artist/writer Marat Mychaels. "I'm putting the same sort of love into the pages as I did on Alan Moore's Glory and I am very proud with how this book is turning out."

Rena Mero-inspired Emma Sonnet, the forgotten Muse, uses thepower of her birthright to battle evil in the courtroom by day and in the shadows at night. Demonslayer is the story of Jaclyn Hayes, an archeologist trained in both mind and body by a group of enigmatic monks in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Avatar Press has carved a niche for itself as a publisher that pushes the boundaries between mainstream and independent with titles such as Strange Kiss and Dark Blue from Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Bigger Dicks, Steven Grant's Mortal Souls, Alan Moore's Glory, company-owned characters such as Pandora and Webwitch, other high-profile titles such as Avengelyne and The Coven, and long-running anthology title Threshold. Now in its fifth year, Avatar has published over 300 comic books since 1997.

10th Muse / Demonslayer is a one shot with issue 1/2 prelude story coming in April 2002 from Avatar Press. The full color saga will be written and drawn by Marat Mychaels, inked by Robert Jones, and colored by Nimbus. For more information, email info@avatarpress.net or see our website at www.avatarpress.com.

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