100th "Heroes" graphic novel now online

Official Press Release

NBC.com premiered the 100th Heroes graphic novel this week. This seminal edition begins the series that will reveal the secret identity of Evs Dropper, the central character in Heroes Evolutions.

These graphic novels set the stage for the Heroes season premiere, September 22, 9/8c on NBC. The Company is in the midst of an Agent mutiny, and the aftermath will have repercussions affecting the entire Heroes universe, both on-air and online.

Graphic Novel Schedule:

* #100, Foresight, 8/27/08

* #101, Into the Wild Part One, 9/1/08

* #102, Into the Wild Part Two , 9/8/08

* #103, Into the Wild Part Three, 9/15/08

Online Address: http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/novels/

Evs Dropper: The guide for fans engaged in the Heroes digital storyline, her identity is revealed in the 101st graphic novel. Evs was introduced following the death of Hana Gittleman, the previous guide who spanned on-air and online. She communicates with fans via blogs, message boards, email, and SMS messages.

Heroes Evolutions: The online Heroes story deepens and enriches the on-air experience through graphic novels, original video, and multiple in-universe websites such as: * Primatech Paper: http://www.primatechpaper.com

* Primatech Video Surveillance: http://www.primatechpaper.com/security/

* Yamagato Fellowship: http://yamagatofellowship.org/

* Activating Evolutions: http://activatingevolution.org/

* Hana's Blog: http://samantha48616e61.com/

* Corinthian Casino: http://www.corinthianlasvegas.com/

* Vote For Petrelli: http://votepetrelli.com/

* Hiro's Blog: http://blog.nbc.com/hiro_blog/

Heroes Evolutions has twice been a finalist for the Emmy in Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and has also been recognized by the Webby Awards and TV Guide Online Video Awards.

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