1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #8

Story by
Art by
Eduardo Ferigato
Colors by
Kieran Oats
Letters by
Zenescope Entertainment

Comic Book Resources gives you a full free issue of Zenescope's action/adventure series 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS: The Adventures of Sinbad. "We wanted our remake of Sinbad to be sort of feel like the James Bond of the seas and so far Dan Wickline has really knocked the series out of the park with his incredible writing style." says Zenescope's Executive VP Ralph Tedesco. "Issue 8 was just recently released in February and is the perfect jumping on point for new readers since it starts a brand new story-arc."

Part one of Sinbad's next adventure starts here as Sinbad and his crew head to Egypt in order to find the next piece of the Jericho visor called the Crown of Anubis. While his men stop for some rest and relaxation, Vu accidentally starts a bar fight which escalates rather quickly. Meanwhile a mysterious yet beautiful woman from Sinbad's past pays a visit and offers to guide Sinbad on his dangerous quest.

Now is the time to join the series that reinvents the legend of Sinbad, as he and his crew set out on yet another incredible adventure

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