<i>100 Bullets</i> team trades in guns for -- spaceguns!

On Vertigo's Graphic Content blog, the publisher revealed a pseudo-conversation between editor Will Dennis and writer Brian Azzarello concerning a new series. Done in a sort of Laurel & Hardy-style, it's a non-plussed official introduction to the new miniseries from Azzarello and 100 Bullets collaborator Eduardo Risso.

AZZ: I got an idea for a new series.ME: What’s it called?AZZ: SPACEMAN.ME: SPACEMAN? Is that one word or two?AZZ: It’s one. Like SUPERMAN.ME: It’s like SUPERMAN?AZZ: No! It’s like SUPERMAN but not like SUPERMAN.ME: So what’s it about.AZZ: A spaceman. What the hell else would it be about?ME: Right. And it’s with the entire 100 BULLETS team?Azz: That’s the plan.ME: Cool. Can we get it out in 2011?AZZ: Why the hell not?ME: Book it.

Azzarello revealed in October at Argentina's Crack Bang Boom Con that Spaceman will be a nine-issue miniseries that fits into the speculative fiction category. In addition to Azzarello and Risso, the comic will include their other 100 Bullets collaborators, cover artist Dave Johnson and colorist Trish Mulvihill.

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