'100 Bullets' Friendly Fire: Cover Artist Johnson Donates to Save a Dog

Fans of the DC/Vertigo series "100 Bullets" know it's not a touchy feely book. The book centers on the eponymous 100 bullets, which are untraceable and given to seemingly random people along with a gun and evidence of how someone ruined their life by the mysterious Agent Graves. Add to that conspiracies, ultraviolence, sex and two or more shadowy organizations shooting it out in the shadows, and you don't exactly have something from the Disney Channel.

But just like every film noir floozy has a heart of gold, so too does at least one member of the "100 Bullets" creative team.

Readers of Comic Book Resources' forums may have spotted the news in a post late Wednesday night: "100 Bullets" cover artist Dave Johnson is auctioning off a cover from the series to help finance a life-saving operation for a friend's dog.

The auction on eBay tells the story:

"Help save this dog!!! Her name's Peapod and she needs a very expensive operation to save her life. Her owners are good friends of mine, and HELL, I guess I love the pooch too. So I'm offering up this fully painted cover from 100 Bullets #17 painted by me, Dave Johnson. The painting itself is a lot bigger than 11x17 on Bristol board (if you really want to know the size just e-mail me and I'll measure the damn thing) I'll pay for shipping in the U.S. so get those checkbooks out and SAVE PEAPOD!!!!"

At press time, the auction, which began at $1, was up to $446, with almost five days left to go.

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