'100 Bullets' cover artist Dave Johnson covers 'Micronauts'

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 28 February, 2002 -- When Image Comics and Devil's Due firstannounced that an all-new Micronauts series would debut this June, it wasalso reported that Michael Golden, the legendary artist behind the firsttwelve issues of Marvel Comics' Micronauts and numerous covers thereafter,would be lending his support as cover artist for the first few issues.Sadly, Golden's heavy workload has prompted him to back out of theassignment.

Every cloud really does have a silver lining, though, because no sooner thanGolden passed on the Micronauts assignment than Dave Johnson, whose dynamicand highly stylized covers continue to wow fans of 100 Bullets, stepped into do the covers for Micronauts #1-3.

"Dave's covers on 100 Bullets kick butt every time," said Devil's DuePresident Josh Blaylock. "He's jazzed about being on this project, and Ithink we're in for some truly stunning Micronauts pieces."

Due out in June, Micronauts #1 also features a stunning cover by regularseries artist, Eric Hanson, as well as a pin-up by Image VP/Publisher, JimValentino.

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