100 Bullets artist Eduardo Risso signs exclusive agreement with DC

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce that Eduardo Risso, the Eisner Award-winning illustrator of the VERTIGO series 100 BULLETS, has signed an exclusive, three-year agreement. Risso, a native of Argentina, has gained a following for his dramatic storytelling and evocative use of shadow and light.

"One of the reasons I signed with DC is because I want to keep the 100 BULLETS team together," says Risso. "Working with VERTIGO is really good for me, and the editors treat me wonderfully."

"Nobody draws characters cooler than Eduardo," says VERTIGO Executive Editor Karen Berger. "His fluid and compelling storytelling, stylish design, and sheer artistic craft has helped make 100 BULLETS one of the smartest, suspenseful and most seductive books in comics."

Risso's work can be found in the monthly 100 BULLETS series, as well as the 100 BULLETS: FIRST SHOT, LAST CALL TP, 100 BULLETS: SPLIT SECOND CHANCE TP and 100 BULLETS: HANG UP WITH THE HANG LOW TP, scheduled to be in stores on November 28. Risso, with writer Brian Azzarello, is also developing an as-yet-untitled BATMAN graphic novel.

DC also announces that writer Ed Brubaker (BATMAN) has renewed his exclusive contract. Brubaker's writing can be found in such titles as the SCENE OF THE CRIME: A LITTLE PIECE OF GOODNIGHT TP and the DEADENDERS: STEALING THE SUN TP.

At the same time, colorists Tom McCraw, Patricia Mulvihill, and Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh have signed exclusive agreements, while colorist Danny Vozzo has renewed his exclusive agreement.

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