10 Weirdest DC Comic Characters To Have Ever Been Created

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

When fans think of DC Comics, some of the most legendary superheroes in the world come to mind. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are heroes that have existed for close to 80 years and are icons both inside and outside the world of comic books. Even names like Aquaman, who have often lived on as the brunt of jokes, are well-respected heroes in the world of comics.

However, one thing that DC Comics has always seemed to gravitate towards is bizarre and strange characters. From the era of the '70s and early '80s, where crazy heroes and villains appeared to the present day (where there are still moments that are weird rather than super), there are some very bizarre creations.

Here is a look at 10 of the weirdest DC Comics characters to ever grace the pages of comic books.

10 Bat-Mite

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

Batman is the DC Comics character that lives in darkness. There is little humor in the world of Batman, but it wasn't always like that. In 1959, DC Comics created a strange little imp-like character in Detective Comics #267 called Bat-Mite. He stood 2-feet-11, wore a Batman costume, and was the self-proclaimed biggest fan of the Caped Crusader.

Bat-Mite got a new life in 2014 when he appeared as the main antagonist in LEGO DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered. The miniature Mite gathered a bunch of villains to capture the Justice Leauge so his hero Batman could save the day. That pretty much describes every appearance this weird DC Comics character makes.

9. Ambush Bug

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

Ambush Bug first appeared in 1982 in the pages of DC Comics Presents #52. He was a mentally disturbed man named Irwin Schwab and gained his powers after finding some clothes and landing on Earth after coming in contact with a giant radioactive space spider.

He started as a villain who was more of an annoyance than an actual criminal.

Soon, he decided to be a superhero, although he was still more of a nuisance to regular heroes than a hero in his own right. This weird DC Comics character even had his own sidekick, which was actually a doll he thought was alive that he named Cheeks.

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8. The Wonder Twins

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

While Aquaman's reputation took a severe hit due to the classic Super Friends cartoon, these two characters—that were created specifically for the show—goes down as two of the weirdest DC Comics characters of their era.

The Wonder Twins were alien twin siblings with power rings, where if they touched them, their powers activated and they could morph into other objects.

For Jayna, that was cool because she could become any animal she chose. For Zan, however, his power only allowed him to transform into the form of water in one of its many states (water, gas, or ice).

This entire lunacy was showcased in a great episode of Teen Titans Go, as well, since they wanted Jayna—but not Zan—on the team. They even had a pet monkey named Gleek!

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7. Mogo

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already met one living planet in Ego, but he was mostly shown in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as a humanoid-being that looked a lot like Snake Plissken. However, DC Comics fans also have a living planet in their world, and it's actually a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

This weird DC Comics character was introduced in Green Lantern #188 in a story about how Bolphunga wanted to eliminate Mogo. He searched an entire planet for him only to learn that Mogo was the planet.

How a planet can enforce the law as a Green Lantern is still puzzling.

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6. Bouncing Boy

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

The Legion of Super-Heroes has always had their fair share of weird DC Comics characters. Of course, this makes sense as many issues were written by Jim Shooter when he was just 14 years old. While there are many strange members, one that stands above the rest is Bouncing Boy.

He got his powers when he was on his way to deliver an experimental fluid to the Science Council, but he got thirsty and stopped to drink it. This gave him the power to inflate into a giant beach ball. He was even too weird for the Legion to allow membership until he beat a guy with electrical powers because he was never really grounded.

5. Legion Of Super-Pets

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

If there is one thing that DC Comics loved to do, it was to make weird super pets that were partners of superheroes that shared their powers and personalities. The most famous is easily Superman's dog Krypto, but there are so many more. Soon enough, the Legion of Super-Pets was born.

In Adventure Comics #293, aliens known as Brain-Globes proved they could take control of heroes and command them to do their bidding. However, they couldn't control animals,  so it was up to the Legion of Super-Pets to save the day. Early on, the pets were all Kryptonian in nature, but soon other heroes got pets, like Titus (Damian Wayne's dog) and Bat-Cow.

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4. Condiment King

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

Most of the world assumed that Condiment Man was a joke made for The LEGO Batman Movie. However, hardcore comic book fans know that he is an all too real and an all too weird DC Comics character.

He appeared in 1994 on Batman: The Animated Series as a comedian who earned Joker's wrath. As a result, Joker took control of his mind using Mad Hatter's device. From there, he made him go into battle against Batman using weapons that shot ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce.

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3. Matter-Eater Lad

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

It seems like the Legion of Super-Heroes have way too many strange and weird DC Comics characters as members. Matter-Eater Lad is not only one of the strangest, but he was one of the classic members of the group despite his bizarre superpowers. He basically could eat his way through anything.

He is from the planet of Bismoll (Pepto-Bismol, get it?) —  a planet where all the food became inedible. As a result, the citizens there had to learn to eat other things and that involved all matter. This means that his power is to just eat anything that gets in the team's way.

2. Danny The Street

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

When it comes to weird DC Comics characters, does it get stranger than an actual sentient street? Sure, there are living planets and super-pets, but in this case, the character is just a street that can move between cities. He just appears out of nowhere to spread happiness.

Danny the Street gives people who have nowhere to go a place to rest. He has his own stores, shops, shows, and everything a person could want to enjoy themselves.

Danny the Street appeared mostly in the pages of Doom Patrol. It should come as no concern that he was created from the imagination of Grant Morrison and Richard Case.

1.Mister Mxyzptlk

10 Weirdest DC Comics Characters

Mister Mxyzptlk is an imp from the Fifth Dimension that was created to be a playful antagonist to Superman. He was one of Superman's earliest foes, appearing for the first time in 1944 in Superman #30. Since one of Superman's weaknesses is magic, that made this little imp a very difficult character to beat.

However, he is also one of the weirdest DC Comics characters in existence and his weaknesses are even stranger. His power is restricted by limitations he sets, and he always sets them before setting off on an adventure. The most famous was declaring he could only be defeated if someone convinces him to spell his own name backward.

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